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                                                               First Kentucky Rifle Regiment Reenactment Unit

northumberland map                                    Kentucky rifle regiment

Local History from Northumberland County Ontario

The Barracks Project The ongoing investigation and restoration of a Cobourg structure that is believed to have been a military depot during the War of 1812.

Local Historical Maps Link to the Cobourg Museum Foundation

History of Early Cobourg

Pre 1812 - First Hand Accounts  

War of 1812 - First Hand Accounts   Historical Analyses

1815-1850 - First Hand Accounts   

Local Genealogy 1803-1850  Genealogists should check both the census and assessment records in the link below plus the first hand accounts above. The pay records for the Northumberland militia are especially valuable.

Hamilton Township census and assessment records 1803-1848

Haldimand Township census and assessment records 1803-

Upcoming: More local letters and pay records of the Northumberland militia. We will also be spreading out to Haldimand township and then the rest of Northumberland county. Down the road we will be adding the war diary of the local artillery unit from WWI and more military records from the 19th century. 

Please! If you have information (letters, pictures, etc.) of interest to the study of Northumberland county, please send it and I'll continue to share it. All types of material are welcome as are any corrections! Thanks, Chris Robins mailto:christopher_robins@kprdsb.ca

The main History site at the West Highschool On this site we keep our interviews with local veterans, workshops for elementary students on the ancient world, catapult wars, etc. Check it out!

Sources: These are noted on the documents. The sources are mostly microfilm. The National Archives of Canada, The Provincial Archives of Ontario, and The Trent University Archives have on-line searching of their holdings. The Cobourg Public Library and the Historical Society's Archives have wonderful resources including local papers back to 1830.