1815 - 1850 - First Hand Accounts

    The writing, spelling and grammar are sometimes unclear in the original letters so a few words here represent our best guesses. Names referred to in the letters are in italics for genealogists.

December 24, 1815 Request for a list of what lands are available and a survey for the Canal Reserve. Bullock, Rogers, Robinson, Rider, Small.

May 7, 1817 Adjusting boundaries of Cavan township, requesting Major Wilmot to survey, Indian affairs and corruption of agents at mouth of Trent and on Rice Lake. Major Wilmot, Fothergile.

July 30, 1817 Request by Zacheus Burnham for Major Wilmot to survey some land. Zacheus Burnham, Major Wilmot.

19th Century Books and Reports

These accounts are out of print books or archived reports that are not available through a book store. They are only for research into local history and may not be reproduced for any other reason.

Sheriff's report on District of Newcastle - 1840

An extensive report on infrastructure, loyalty of the citizens, and other concerns by request of Lord Durham.

Short account/excerpt collection

A collection of material from books and archives concerning the local area.

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