If you're interested in fishing Lake Ontario or The Ganaraska River in the Port Hope area, this page should be of interest to you. This report was started by Don Forster in 1998 for visiting anglers. This report will include locations, best lures, water temperatures, fishing tips and more. If you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see included in the report, or would like to contribute information, please e-mail  rhombeus@eagle.ca The information I post on this site is a combination of my own techniques, local anglers, and other anglers.

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Date:  March 28, 2000

Ganaraska River Conditions
Port Hope
Water Temperature (surface) mid 30
Water Colour murky
Water Visibility at the pumps  6 to 10 inches
Water Levels  6 feet in the trench
Today's Weather  overcast and a bit of rain
Reported at 9:00 p.m. 28 March 2000
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East and West piers & Ganaraska River:
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Todays Report:
It has been a while since my last report. From what I have been reading the conditions are good on all rivers. The fish are starting to move up the Ganny towards the fish ladder. In fact there have been quite a few fish go through t the fishway already. It looks like we are about two to three weeks ahead of schedule for the steelhead run.

The question is are there going to be any fish left in the river come the opener which is a bit later than most years, April 29th.

Quinte Information
 There are a few good reports on he message board regarding walleye fishing. If you plan a trip to Quinte give Don Baker a call for current ice conditions.

If you are interested in first hand Quinte conditions and where to go, dial up Mr. Baker at :
613 354-9280 Don will be happy to point you to where the fish are holding.

 Lake Ontario Summary: ( Port Hope )
Salmon and Steelhead:
 If I hear of any good results from the lake I'll post them.
If you catch a lake trout that still has the complete small fin attached just before its tail on its back, please let me know. I'm keeping count for the MNR this year. The unclipped fin is an indication that the fish is not stocked.

This Lake Trout has all the its fins. 
Even the one just before the tail on its back.
1999 Unclipped Lakers:  10 ( pictured above)   3      7           19            Mark Quade
      Lake Ontario creel counts for the 1999 season:
                                                The Rhombeus II  Leader board.

Species:              Catch Total        Kept          Released        Largest (lbs.)     Angler
Lake Trout:                78                  37               41                    14.5           Philip Payne 
Browns:                       2                    2                                          6             Beezer 
Chinook:                   212                 175              37                    34.28        Ayk Kirmoyan
Atlantic:                       0                    0 
Coho:                           3                    3                0                      18            Tony Singh
Steelhead:                   37                  30                7                      14    
Unclipped Lakers:      10 ( pictured above)   3                7                      19            Mark Quade
TOTALS  Rhombeus II   Catch                  Kept               Released  

                                           332           247         85              
Total Charters:            71 
Total Anglers:            218
Total fish per angler:    1.1

                    and this season I'm planning on winning the Great Salmon Hunt( I hope)
We Encourage Catch and Release, but We Also Enjoy A Great Fish Fry!

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