Survey: You might have to cut  and paste this to your email.

1)  As a result of reading my daily reports, you first heard about the town
     of Port Hope and the
     fishing here?  Yes ____  No ____

2)  As a result of reading my daily reports,  you decided to come to Port
     Hope to try the fishing.
     Yes ____  No _____
     If yes - to fish using your own/friend's boat? ______
     To river fish? _____

3) Where do you travel from?________________________

4)  If you are an angler who regularly comes to Port Hope, do you now check
     my website reports page before travelling here?  Yes ____ No ____
    Additional comments:

5)  a) (Optional)  When coming to Port Hope to fish approximately how many
         days do you spend  here?

     b)  Approximately how much money do you spend in town, per day?
          (i.e. buying ice, drinks, meals, gas, etc.)

                       Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey.