Baker's Baits
This is an email order service for the most productive
Baker's Baits used in this part of Ontario.
If you wish to order any of the baits, send me an email at or call me at 1-800 489-7885 to place an order. Bank cheque or money order will get item sent next day, personal or business checks must clear first 
(allow 10 days). On large orders in Canada, please add $6 shipping/handling/insurance, sent priority insured mail. 
Mail to: Rhombeus 
PO Box 261, 
Port Hope Ontario 
Canada L1A 3W4 

In 1998, eighty percent of the fish caught on the Rhombeus boats were on the Jolly Roger # 66 known as the "Knotty Neon 58" (4.5 inch) spoon. The Jolly Roger spoons are available in five sizes: "Big "ERN" 6.5 inch, J.R.66 4.5 inch., J.R.55 3.75 inch., J.R. 44 2.5 inch and the popular Jaw Jammer 3.5 inch. 

Many anglers including charter boat operators enjoyed great success with the variety of Baker's Baits spoons, plugs and jigs. The baits have helped anglers land not only salmon, steelhead, and trout, but a number of crappie, walleye, muskie, and bass anglers also have success with the baits. 

The Four Popular sizes of the Baker's Baits
6.99 each
Plus 8% tax
Jolly Roger
5.99 each
Plus 8% tax
Jolly Roger
4.99 each
Plus 8% tax
Jolly Roger
Jaw Jammer
4.99 each
Plus 8% tax
Jolly Roger # 66 (Great Lakes Spoons)
These spoons are 4.5 inches and all have white backs. They are all hand painted and will stand up to punishment from more than one fish. I troll at slow or fast speeds with great success. The Baker's Baits have accounted for many Lake Ontario derby prizes. Including the "88" Great Salmon Hunt. 
These are samples of only a few colours.
Knotty Neon 
My favourite 
Cherry Grape 
for Don Cherry 
Monkey "E" Dunk 
Chartreuse & Black 
Cracked Ice 
Some of the many variations of the Jaw Jammer (3.5 in)
All of the Baker's Baits sizes come in theses colour patterns.
1988 Great Salmon Hunt Prize Winner 
When ordering any of the Baker's baits please follow this numbering system. The four sizes of baits come in the colours displayed in the Jaw Jammer picture: 

Top row starting on the left: 
Number: 01 to 10 then 12 followed by 11 last. 
Centre Row from left to right: 
Number: 13, 32, 24, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 58 

Bottom row from left to right: 
Number:  51, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30, 31, 15, 39, 29, 89, 14. 

Comments from anglers using Baker's Baits
I hope that the laker season gets started for you. I haven't been able to fish very much due to bad weather and fixing with my house. Anyway I´ve been out two times testing the Baker´s. I must say that the action is perfect. I´m sure it´s going to be a killer when the fish come around. (I don´t know where they are at the moment. :=) Yesterday I took two friends out and managed to hook up with a char, on the green and white Jaw Jammer. The first but not the last I´m sure. I especially appreciate that the lures work good at low speeds. (0,8-1,2kn.)  

June 8/99  
Hi Don, 
Yesterday I was out for a couple of hours. Managed to get one char. That was one the JR66 Knotty Neon, 60ft.down and 70 behind. That´s 2 out of 2 fishes since I got the baits. Not  bad:=))Waiting for warmer water, (about 50)  then maybe it gets better. 
Sony Strand in Sweden 

Gotta tell you Don...Finally got out fishing on Sunday ( July 11/99) with my new Baker Baits...My wife and I fished from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm. We got 1 salmon on a Dipsy Diver of all things, trolling a Nasty Boy (blue/chrome)....Nice fish. Just over 27 lbs but that was it. We did troll the Baker Baits on and off throughout the day, but it was a real slow day. 

We went out after work today.( July 13/99)..Got on the lake at 5:30 pm....By 7:00 pm we were 4 for 5 with a 25.2 salmon all on the JR #66 Knotty Neon!!! The 5th one was a screamer that we didn't even get to see. He peeled about 150 yds and was gone. We had to stop there to make sure we could get the fish in to be weighed as a derby entry by 8:00pm.

Very impressive!!! Thanks again....


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