Carrying Place, Upper Canada, Head of the Bay of Quinte: October 6th, 1811

Dear Sir,

For my son, I have to acknowledge your kind favour and receipt of the map and plan of this lot. M. A. McElain has omitted bringing an action against Bellued(?) this year - so in case it must be postponed till next summer - we(?) have been disappointed in not having the pleasure of Mrs. Ridoutís company last winter - the vacant half lot near the mill of Ameliasburgh that I wrote you about, I am informed one Clapp has got it I am sorry as I intended to a son(?) there and carried(?) on business.

Mrs. Wilkins joins me in compliments to Mrs. Ridout and children.

Believe me to be sincerely your friend,

Robert Wilkins

Source: National Archives microfilm # R.G. 1 A-1-6 Vol. 4 1811

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