Haldimand, December 28th 1814


I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your letter the 24th dated the 22nd instant; I immediately sent a sergeant and party to apprehend the American deserts, the Sergeant reported to me that they had been to the townships of Hope, that there was no such person as Bennett at Esquire Marshes or any where in that part; that the man by the name of Davis had been at John Bucks Tavern in Hamilton, had stolen goods from Buck, and gone towards York, three or four weeks before that; and that the man named Hopkins was gone somewhere towards the Midland District; upon which I desired Lieutenant Keeler of this Militia, who was on his way to Kingston, to find Hopkins if possible and to take him along, or report where he was to you.

On the 15th of October last, I answered your letter of the 21st September a copy of which I now inclose, but perceive I did not mention the number of each article which was:

Muskets English 80

Bayonets with scabbards 80

Cartouche boxes with belts and frogs 80

Cartridges Musket Balls 3000

Flints 400

To Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel Coffin, Deputy Adjutant General of Militia: Kingston

P.S. I am now on my way to get returns from the different companies of my militia, some of the officers are too neglectful in furnishing me with their returns to enable me to make mine quarterly; however, I will send them to you shortly.

I have the honour to be Sir, your most obedient and humble servant,

M. Peters, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Regiment Northumberland Militia

28th December 1814

Relative to American Deserters, also arms

John Peters

Source: National Archives RG 9C1-B-1 Northumberland 1814

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