An account of fines and forfeitures collected in the 1st Regiment of Northumberland Militia between the 25th June 1813 and the 24th December 1814; and the amount paid for militia service

1814 Paid Sergeant Cooper two days service collecting teams to forward General Stevens baggage and collecting men to return the Generalís boats to the Carrying Place 4 shillings

Paid Ensign Peters and one private two days for taking and conveying to the Carrying Place, a deserter from the 104th Regiment 13 shillings 6 1/2 pence

December 29th Paid Captain Roger Woolcut for repairing arms, etc. 8 pounds, 17 shillings, 6 pence

Paid Sergeant Cooper and four men, with a sleigh and driver two days in search of American deserter, as per order received from Lieutenant Colonel Coffin 2 pounds, 12 shillings

Total 12 pounds 7 shillings 1/2 pence

1813 From the 25th day of June to the 24th of December 1813 at different Inns (or times?) 3 pounds

From the 24th of June to the 24th December 1814 at different periods. 57 pounds 2 shillings

Total 80 pounds, 12 shillings

12 pounds, 7 shillings 1/2 pence

= 67 pounds, 4 shillings 11 1/2 pence

E.E. M. Peters Lt. Colonel 1st Regiment Northumberland Militia

Sworn before me at Cramahe the 20th January 1815 Paid Meriman

An account of fines, in the 1st Regiment of North., Militia 1814.

L. Col: John Peters

Statement of Militia fines collected and disbursements made there from between the 25 June 1813 and the 24 December 1814.

Amount received - £80:12:0

Disbursed - £12:7:0½

Received in hand 24 Dec. 1814 - £67:4:11½

Source: National Archives RG 9C1-B-1 Northumberland 1814

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