Prospective Generalís Offer, York, 18th December 1813


I request of you to transmit to me with the least possible delay a return starting with the homes of all such Quakers, Minonists and Tinkers, as said or are resident in the Newcastle District and who claimed to be excused or exempt from serving in the militia for the years 1812 or 1813. Each of whom is in consequence of living excused or exempted, subjected to the payment of five pounds by the first of December annually.

You will be pleased likewise to state the names of those of them who have paid the five pounds annually, and those who have not paid with the measures that have been adopted for the recovery of such exemption money.

In case you should have delivered a list of such Quakers, Minonists or Tinkers (As have not paid these fines) to any magistrate be pleased to mention his name.

I have the honour to be,


Your most obedient Servant

John M. Gill, Inspector

Peters (Esquire)

Treasurer, Chief of Newcastle

Source: Ontario Archives: The Rogers Papers, MS 522

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