April 15th, 1814


       I beg leave to state to you for His Honour the Lieutenant Generalís information, that since my return from Kingston I have been informed, that a Letter handed to me on the 31st of March last by a M. O'Brien who had charge of Ordinance Store giving an account that he was detained in Cramahe by the badness of the roads and no boats to be had; which Letter I sent by a Sergeant of Militia to where the stage is kept for Carrying the mail in this Township, with directions to have it forwarded immediately as it was of very great importance, Goodyear who keeps the stage said he would not forward it until the mail arrived and in the mean time a man by the name of Francis W. Culler stole the letter, who has crossed the lake in the boat that lately left this place;  The letter was directed to an Ordinance Store Keeper in Kingston, for His Honour the Lieutenant Generalís information.

     While I was in Kingston M. O'Brien got on the main road and up as far a Major Rogers' where I believe he is still;     The Boat that went from here was Private property and engaged to take Merchandise to York; but six of Northumberland Militia made their escape in it, some of the party took to the woods where the three that were sent down were taken and are skulking about, four Families were left on the shore;     I believe a number more in the neighbourhood were concerned, and that Boat or others are expected back, but I know not who to believe here, however I thought it my duty to write to you thus far.

I have the honour to be Sir, your most obedient humble servant, Mo. Peters Lieutenant Colonel 1st Regiment Northumberland Militia Cramahe  15 April 1814

15 April 1814 Relative to the stealing of a letter from Cramahe

Colonel Nathaniel Coffin Deputy  Adj. General Militia

Source: National Archives RG 9C1-B-1 Northumberland 1814

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