Colonel Coffin


      In obedience to your order of yesterday I herewith inclose a return of the first Regiment of Northumberland Militia, under my command, for His Honour Lieutenant General Drummondís information.     The state of the Arms I cannot well ascertain until I return to the District of Newcastle, but I know of upwards of Twenty Stands that are much out of repair and no possibility of getting them repaired in that District as there is no Gunsmiths in them parts; out of the ninety stands the Flank Company received in 1812 and twenty five stands Major Jones received last summer I do not think Thirty Muskets fit for use in the District; I think there may be in hands of the captains of Militia about one thousand or fifteen hundred Musket cartridges and no flints that are fit for use; some of the Muskets were left at York last fall that went up in Government Books and others that were called for by Major Rogers to bring prisoners down, I cannot account for, but shall do my endeavour to collect what I can of them as soon as I return to Newcastle.

I have the honour to be Sir, your most obedient humble servant, Mo. Peters, Lieutenant Colonel Commander 1st regiment Northumberland Militia Kingston 8th April 1814

8th April 1814



Source: National Archives RG 9C1-B-1 Northumberland 1814

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