Map To Circuit

Located 100 km east of Toronto, North of Highway 401 at Bowmanville.
Take Durham 57 (exit 431) North to Regional Rd. 20, East

Snack Bar

Mosport has a Snack Bar on location.  Please support them and buy your food/drink there  The snack bar has juice, pop, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, hot dogs,
hamburgers, chicken burgers, french fries, chocolate bars, chips etc. They also have McMosports for breakfast; bacon, egg and cheese on a bun.

Map Of Facility
trackmap.gif (54014 bytes)

Use entrance Number 3

Caution!! Low, Narrow Tunnel
There is a low, narrow tunnel on the way into the track. Wide, tall or vehicles with Bicycles on the Roof Rack may not fit through.  Use caution! Take bicycles off the roof before entering!!