Proper Number Placement is Essential for getting fast, accurate results!


The large SISU number must be on the right chest wall and the smaller number must be on the left jersey pocket

Event Rules


-         The races will be held under the rules of the UCI/CCA with OCA Modifications

-         No warming up on the course at anytime. There are ample roads just outside the track for you to warm up on. If you are found warming up on the course you may be disqualified and/or asked to leave.

-         Please respect the Facility and Use the washrooms provided!

-         Please pull out when asked to do so by the Commissaire

-         All riders dropping out of the race shall immediately notify a Commissaire

-         Only authorized vehicles allowed on the track at any time!

-         Follow the instructions of the Commissaire should your group pass or be passed by    another group.  The group being passed should move over to the right and the group doing the pass should stay left and follow their lead motorbike through.

-         When the race is finished continue on past the finish line until you get to the pit.  Turn and come up the pit lane. DO NOT complete another lap.

-         Although 2-way radios are permitted, the organization reserves FSR radio channels 5, 6 and 7 for use by the organization, officials and medical personnel



Race Personnel


Race Organizer                        David Beer

Assistant Organizers                 David Naish    

                                                Dave Singfield

Chief Registrar                         Robert Naish

Medical Staff                           Alternative Patient Transfer

Results                                     Doug Pogue

Chief Commissaire                   Scott Doel




Course Map






































*The event runs in the opposite direction from the spring race

Feeding (Updated!!)

Feeding will now be open from Lap 10 in each race until 4 to go.   The feed zone is through what is marked as corner 1 on the above map and will be marked by a green cone and/or a sign.  All feeding must be done from the Right hand side of the road.  Please use the bridge over the raceway to get to and from the feed zone.


First Aid


First Aid is available at the Finish area from the Alternative Patient Transfer Staff (Onsite first aid only). All Serious injuries must be reported to a race official.   The nearest Hospital is the Bowmanville Lake Ridge Health Center, Liberty Street, Bowmanville (905) 623-3331.