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Synthetic Wood Finish:
Sikkens Cetol, Epifanes, Tufshield are products that fall into this category.

Always use the recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) specified on the can label. Wear a mask and gloves and use in well ventilated area.

If possible wash the finish with dish soap to remove grease. Very important!! Use a non wax paint stripper, or sand with 80 to 120 grit paper to remove the old finish. Do not over sand in one place as it darkens the wood.

Vacuum and use a tack cloth to remove dust, wipe the surfaces with an acetone dampened cloth. Tack surfaces again.

Using a bristle brush apply first coat. Tack each day to remove dust. Re coat daily until you reach a total of four, and do not not sand between coats.

After coat four lightly sand with a medium sanding block and continue with at least two more coats. The extra coats give protection against scratches going through the finish into the wood allowing water penetration.

When the surface gets a scratch through the finish to the wood, touch it up as soon as possible. Once a year, clean wood with soap and water, sand lightly with a fine sanding block and re coat.

For mahogany, apply Interstain grain filler before wood finish. It comes in natural and mahogany finishes.

Visit your local marine store for information on these products.

These are a few of the towns and cities of Ontario in my Marine survey area. If your marine survey is out of my area, I will put a price together of expenses and survey cost.
The North Shore of Lake Ontario including St. Catharine's, Hamilton, Port Credit, Toronto, Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa, Picton, Brighton, Trenton, Belleville, Kingston, Perth, Gananoque, Brockville, Cornwall, Ivy Lea and The Thousand Islands. All of Lake Simcoe, including Keswick, Lefroy, Barrie and Orillia. All areas along the Trent Severn Waterway, including Lindsay, Bancroft, Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes, Haliburton.
Call 1-905-885-6486
P.O. Box 72, Port Hope, Ontario,
Canada. L1A-3V9
John Bond SAMS®AMS®
Accredited Marine Surveyor
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