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Fishing reports from Newcastle Ontario
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May 28 2018
The year is off to a great start

June 27 2018

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June 27 2018 We were out in 200 feet of water today with great results

June 24 2018
windy day today but we managed to fill the box with rainbow Trout, Dipsy's were best with Flasher & Fly's

June 21 2018 no fishing today

June 20 2018Water calm fishing very good in 140 feet bows and salmon

May 27 2018 Fishing charters in Lake Ontario Newcastle marina have started.

May 11 2018 Rigging the boat has begun. Charters will be starting up soon.

September 18 2017 Its now September 18. The weathers is a wee bit erratic, sometimes cool, sometimes hot, but the fishing is very good most days.

September 2017 Well its September 6th and the fish are still hitting. Today the group had 11 hook ups and landed 9. This has been, and is still a very good year.

July 30 2017 Fishing is cracker (good in North America lingo).

July 7 2017 Well the boys from the Pontiac had a great day and a 23lb king ended the day with a bang

June 19 2017 High water is no problem for our fish. June has been great fishing this year. Our catches are 3 to 15 fish per day with the biggest so far a 24 lb king.

October 2016 Fishing charters season is over. Salmon are now in the rivers.

September 16 2016 Fishing is great. We still have dates available. Give me a call.

August 13 2016 Things are starting to set up for some great fall fishing. We still have dates available. Give me a call.

July 11 2016 Great days of fishing on the lake in 100 feet of water.

June 5 2016 Fishing has started in Port of Newcastle Marina; shakers and Salmon up to 20 LBS. When are you coming?

August 15 2015 Still no fish in the river but great fishing out on the lake. Graham is over from Scotland, he did not leave Canada disappointed. He landed a 27lb salmon fishing in Port Hope.

August 9 2015 Fishing is good. Cool ambient temperatures on the morning trips, dress for the weather.

July 27 2015 Well fishing has really turned on this week, we are starting to get some great catches.

July 24 2015 Fishing has been sporatic but now starting to pick up again. Some flea accumulating on the lines.

June 20 2015 Is starting to pickup. Got some nice bows today, and  salmon yesterday

June 6 2015
Fishing charters have started. Its windy and cool.

September 14 2014
Fishing charters are over for this year, salmon fishing has started in the Ganaraska River.

August 4 2014 Fishing has been great these last few days. We are getting good numbers and size. I'm sure it will continue for the remainder of the season.

June 25 2014 Looks like things are starting to turn around! Finally getting fish every time out. Salmon are a little hard to find, but the bows are great.

June 16 2014 Fishing slow in the area right now, 1 -2 fish per boat. Lots of bait around but; water is still cold. The last 2 days we have seen more fish moving, and they should turn on any day now. Get ready, the fish are coming.

September 2013 2013 has come to an endů.and the last day was as good as the first day in June. We had a great season and next year could be even better. SEE YOU IN 2014

August 10 2013 Fishing is good. We catch more than Steelhead when offshore fishing. The Russian boys caught a 31 Pound King off shore you think Orrick is pleased!!!

July25 2013 Cory and Jay from Hamilton got it done today. Flea is a bit of a pain, but fishing is good down 60 over 150.

July 9 2013 Fishing is good. Time to put on the Flea Flicker line, its starting to show up. Dont forget the old time tackle, the olive green with a black ladder back Hookster is working.

June 24 2013 Fishing is good. Fish are hitting from 25 to 100.

June 8 2013 Fishing has started with a bang. Last two weeks has been great for rainbow trout, brown trout, coho salmon, and the kings are showing up now too. Fish have been hitting all colors and are mostly on the upper 30 feet. Water temps 50-52

June 10 2012 With the mild spring we had, salmon and trout are hitting good at all depths. Lots of bait everywhere. Lead-core, riggers and dipsy divers working well. Water temp on the surface is 58 degrees.

August 28 2011 Weather permitting, offshore, most days was very good fishing. Gibbs fire red Gator spoon, Cherry pie on divers, silver purple and orange on the deep riggers. Divers 20 to 60 on a three set, riggers 20 to 50. River fisherman are lined up now, salmon must be coming in.

July 31 2011 July 30 started fishing offshore, first day Slowwww. July 31, I got the mo-jo working. Gibbs fire red Gator spoon, Cherry pie on divers, silver purple and orange on the deep riggers. Divers 60 to 100 on a three set, riggers 20 to 50.

July 17 2011 Fishing slowed down when the hot calm weather came. Its starting to pick up now. Not much has changed with tackle and depth.

July 3 2011 Fishing started June 18. Same as usual. Divers 50 and 70 feet on a three set, riggers 15 to 52. Coloured lures early, now silver green, silver purple, Gibbs Cherry Pie lures and green flasher fly. Salmon showed up July 1.

August 28 2010 Fished offshore in August. Great fishing this year. Same place, same depth on the rods, 20 to 65 feet. Lures; Gibbs Cherry pie, purple and chartreuse, and Michigan Stingers in greens. Largest Salmon 35 IBS, Steelhead 18 IBS.

August 1 2010 As of July 25 I am fishing off shore, fishing good, most days 10 hits and land what you can. Lures; Gibbs Cherry Pie and multi coloured spoons. Riggers, cores and divers 20 to 70 feet. Largest salmon is 35 IBS, largest Rainbow trout is 17 IBS.

July 20 2010 Fishing is good most days, the odd day its slow. Same place, same depth on the rods, 20 to 80 feet. Lures; Gibbs Cherry pie, purple and chartreuse, catches every day, Michigan Stingers in silver green and silver purples and Gibbs Gator spoon in glow green. Largest Salmon is now 35 IBS, Steelhead 15 IBS.

July 9 2010 Fishing was great until the hot calm weather started on July 5, we are still catching fish. Same place. Lures; Gibbs Cherry pie, purple and chartreuse, catches every day, Michigan Stingers in silver green and silver purples.

June 28 2010 Last year this this time fishing was sporadic and slow. Well, this year it is back to normal. Salmon 2 to 26 LBS and steelhead. Lures; Gibbs Cherry Pie is hot!! Riggers, cores and divers 20 to 60 feet.

August 29 2009 The fishing season is over. Best lures for 2009 are the Gibbs Halloween (red and yellow), Cherry Pie and any combination of silver green Michigan Stinger spoons. Salmon are in the rivers. This last week was rough and rainy, not many trips were able to go out. The jet steam is low and storms are coming up the US east coast. Still the best place to fish out of my port this time of year is offshore. Anglers ask - When is the best time? As you can see by the fishing reports pictures, you can have good catches all season long. Some anglers come thinking it happens every day, it does not. Some days we only catch few small fish. The chance for a big catch is there, that's why anglers come to Lake Ontario, but not every day.

August 16 2009 Fishing off shore is great. We are getting 10 to 20 hits a trip now and land what you can. Lures; Gibbs Cherry pie and Halloween, any Michigan Stingers in silver green on the divers. Riggers; 30 to 60 feet, divers, 75 to 200 feet on a three set.

August 7 2009 How's the fishing? Well it is about like the weather this year. We are catching fish, some days only a few. Same lures as in the fishing reports archives, same place. Today we had a triple hit, two steelhead and a big King, next we had a double, a 30 LB salmon and a steelhead.
A great days catch.

July 28 2009 Mid week the fishing was hot in the inside waters. Started to fish offshore July 28. Riggers cores and divers from 20 to 50 foot zone. Gibbs Cherry pie, Fire Tiger and silver green, Michigan Stingers in silver green. Picture beside from July 28.

July 21 2009 Fishing was great from July 11 to 17. It has now slowed down again. Less fish and not many. Picture beside of a big Rainbow Trout July 18.

July 10 2009 We are not setting the world on fire, but I am catching fish. Water is ice cold, riggers 17 to 50 feet, divers 100 feet on a three set. Spoons; Gibbs Cherry pie and green Illusion, black and silver Stingers with a glow stripe.
Picture beside from July 10.

June 26 2009 Fishing is sporadic. Lots of short bites (fish hit and not landed). Silver green Gibbs Gator spoon, black and silver Michigan Stinger, and multi colour ed lures. Numbers of fish landed is lower than last year at this time. Three days of east wind has created this problem as it usually does. Wind has now changed west, I expect fishing to get better gradually. Picture beside from June 26.