Coming Black Pups.....2015

We will have Black pups, sired by Cyrus, arriving at the end of December 2014. 

Pups will be available for their new homes in February 2015--I will place further updates once we are sure the girls are pregnant in a couple of weeks

For anyone that wishes to remain on our waiting list please contact us at

Please note that due to a new regulation (August 2014) from the American Center for Disease Control regarding rabies vaccination of dogs AND pups entering the United States I can NO LONGER provide pups to homes in the Unites States of America.  You can find a copy of CDC regulations regarding the importation of dogs here

In a nutshell, a puppy cannot be imported from Canada to the USA until 4 months of age. I believe this is not the optimum age for a puppy to join its new family if at all possible, our pups typically leave us at 8 weeks of age.

I encourage you to contact the Center for Disease Control and tell them how STUPID this new regulation is!

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