Jessie & Kids, Nova Scotia
Thank you to all the wonderful owners that keep us updated on their Standard Schnauzers.  I love hearing from everyone and the photos are appreciated, Lori

Dinsdale Standard Schnauzers

Hope all is going well with you.  I thought I would drop you a quick
email with some photos of Roxy at one year old.  She is a wonderful dog
and we love her very much.  She has fit in beautifully with our family. 
Our old Schnauzer, Willie, is now 16 years old and he still gives her a
chase some days.

As you can see she is very beautiful.  Roxy has responded very well to
training and thankfully has stopped jumping up on visitors.  Her
personality is very affectionate and she does not bark too often.  Which
is a bonus.  The other great thing about her personality is that she is
a wonderful companion to our daughter as well as being a very good
sleeper and has been since she was a puppy.  Our old guy Willie wakes us
up sometimes at night but Roxy is always quiet.

Thank you so much for responding to my inquiries and for making Roxy
available to our family.  We are so very fortunate to have her in our
family.  We enjoy your website and always read your puppy blogs as it
reminds us of watching and waiting for Roxy. Rhonda. Regina

Yoshi is very bold. As you said, she is not so much dominant as self-assured and knows what she wants. I love her attitude and her eagerness. I think you have made a good call by sending her home with us! So far, she is exactly what I was looking for! I am looking forward to a lot of fun and mischief out of her... she is gaining confidence by the minute in her new environment. She has figured out that I am her human and is starting to come when called by name.

I am really thrilled to have her!


This last year with Kelsy has been quite exciting and eventful. We have enjoyed every minute of it. She has quite the personality and is definitely a people person or should I say dog person. With us moving to a new town she has been very helpful in meeting new people and their pets. People always like to stop and pet her. Not that she gives them much choice at times. Our children laugh at us because we knew the dogs names in the neighbourhood before we knew the people names. I finally got her into obedience classes and she is doing quite well.

Darlene, Cambridge,ON

Jessie is doing very well.   She is now 16 months old.  Every one comments on what a good looking dog she is.  She weighs 37 lbs. She loves the snow, we go to the park everyday and she runs around like mad.  We have been to three obedience classes, puppy, beginner classes, and she completed a novice class.  I am going to sign her up again in the spring just to refresh everything and maybe in agility, because I have never seen a dog that runs like her.  You do have to be stern with her because she will try to be the dominate one at times, but she is very lovable and is a real suck. She is still a bit shy around new people and anything strange she meets on our walks she just stops in her tracks and then she continues on.  She does not swim very well, so we purchased a lifejacket for her and she does much better in the water.  I will send you a picture of her, when John takes them of his camera. 
Hettie, Whitby. On
Misty will be 8 months old in a few days She goes to work with me about 3 days a week. The customers love her . I'll have to get a picture of her at work for you. She puts her head under the counter and watches the people come and go. If they get close enough  to her she tries to get there shoe laces too. ( we're working on that trait) When she stays home with Hank she enjoys sleeping in with him, and then he takes her most places he goes. She rides really well in the car which is a real plus.
Sue, New Jersey

Cujo is really settling in, the frequency of accidents in the house has diminished greatly. He has a lot of energy, and keeps us going. He sees each of us in a different light. I am the boss, and he seems to accept that. Zach is his play buddy, and he is constantly attacking him, wanting to play. When he wants just to sit and chew on his bone, he climbs into Tracey's lap.

Steve, Brampton,On

Gunther had his yearly check up recently, he's doing great...and in
perfect health.  He's a big boy 51.5lbs and 20 inches tall...Dr Condon
says he's not overweight at all.  He's funny, energetic, loving and
extremely bright...he's a real joy to have around, great with kids and
other dogs too.
    It does'nt matter if you've been gone for 5 minutes or 5 hours,
Gunther greets you at the door with the same excitement every time.  We
didn't think he was going to be a cuddly dog at first but in the last few
months he's become a real cuddler....its not uncommon for us to wake up
at 6am to find him curled up in bed with us.
Steve & Frieda, P.E.I.

Hi Lori,

Things are going greatl. We have named him "Deuce" and he is adapting to his new home very well. Housebreaking is coming along nicely, in fact I think it's been about three days now since he's had an accident in the house.

He's had his first trip to the Vet for a check-up and no surprise, he passed with flying coloursThe kids absolutley adore him and he has taken fondly to them.

The only difficulty thus far has been his reluctancy to settle down when he first goes in his kennel but this seems to be getting better the more he gets used to it.

Thank-you again and I will write again soon as he's getting restless as I type this......I think it might be time to for another trip "outside"

Take care..

Cal, East St. Paul, Mb

Hi Lori,

In a few days we will celebrate our first anniversary with Watson as our family member.

He continues to be a joy and loving and highly energetic companion. He loves his daily (and sometimes twice a day) walks and literally cries when he sees the park where he can run free off the leash. I think he can run with the best of them and sometimes just runs in huge circles just for the sheer joy of running.

He is insistent on constant attention and will do something he knows he isn't supposed to do (like run with a pillow from the couch in house mouth) until we pay attention and chase him down.

He is certainly the brightest dog I have ever had and is always a quick learner albeit stubborn.

Mike, Rochester,NY


Hi Lori. 

Just thought I would send a quick update.  As you can see from the photos she is now over 30 lbs (probably about 32-33 this week...pretty consistently gaining 2 lbs per week).  She is just about as tall as Watson and has no trouble kicking his butt!  They are inseparable and she cuddles up to him at night, much to his chagrin.  When they are outside together walking, he takes pride in ignoring her like she is an annoying little sister. The night time separation anxiety has resolved...the most current issue is teething.  Poor thing is losing lots of teeth and we are now into the critical upper incisors and molars (ouch).  As a result we remain tired!  Good thing she likes to have her teeth brushed, as it seems to feel quite good.

Rhonda, Winnipeg,MB


John and I have fallen completely in love with our boy, Sheffie.  He's been a handful at times, but never anything bad.  He's very bright and very loving.  He caught on very quickly to all the little house rules that we set for him. (and as you told me...they all eventually learn about toilet training).   I love waking up in the morning to see his black face smiling at me from the foot of the bed - he knows he can't jump on, he just puts his front paws up. I think he's beautiful, in body and spirit. 

John and I have said that when Max (our mini) is no longer with us, we would love to see if you have an older dog in need of a home.  We are absolutely sold on Standards.  And as I told you in the past, we were so lucky with our Giant.  I didn't think we would find another gem like him........but Sheffie is wonderful and we thank you so much!!  I'll be in touch again - and by the way, I love checking in on your web keep it so interesting. 

Linda, Victoria,BC

Hi Lori! So much has gone on that I haven't had a chance to write! Allward is just AWESOME. He is the greatest dog.  So wonderful. He charms everyone he meets. I can't say enough about him. He's become just an enormously great dog. He's big, I guess, but not huge. He runs with me and Paris now and does great. He's a lean 43lbs (the vet says it is all muscle) and he is 20 to 21" at the withers (I measured quick). I don't have a wonderfully recent photo. I'll try and take one soon though. He's an amazing dog.

Sarah, Orleans,ON

    I just thought I would e-mail you and let you know how Cajun is coming along. We have completed three weeks of a nine week puppy training course and he is doing very well. The only problem we have had is if Cajun has not had enough exercise before class he is a little too interested in the other dogs to focus all his attention on us. It does not take him long to understand what it is that he needs to do and training has been fun for all of us. We had to call our dogs to come through a tunnel and Cajun thought that was just marvelous, I believe we have the makings of a good agility dog.

Irene, Mississauga,ON


What a character this little guy has.  He can really get wired sometimes.  I hope to train him to the kitchen & downstairs but he is most ingenious, having learned to climb the baby gate we have up.  He is more or less housetrained & he now sleeps in the kitchen.  Brent & he have really bonded which is nice since Brent & Fuji (our old dog) were so close.  I keep telling everyone that he has the devil in him, because when you look in his eyes they sparkle with devilment.  I hope to keep you posted on his development. Thanks

Beth, Brighton,On

Hi Lori!

Well, we have a new addition to our family as of December 7th, a little girl named Jenna. Spencer has been wonderful with her. He occassionally sneaks in a lick to her toes, nose, face, hands, head or whatever he can get near. While he has been a bit more sucky, wanting more attention, he has surpassed our expectations. he has been nothing but kind to Jenna. We haven't forgotten that he was our first "baby" and he still gets loads of attention.

Tammy, Nova Scotia

Owners Carol & Don, Port Hope
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