Roxy Roller, Regina

Thank you to all the wonderful owners that keep us updated on their Standard Schnauzers.  I love hearing from everyone and the photos are appreciated, Lori

Dinsdale Standard Schnauzers

Lori, he (Hugo) really is the most incredible little guy. We could not be happier.
He is so brave and so calm, so loving and so fun-loving it is amazing. We
had a struggle (as you know) with the housebreaking and I am convinced it
was partly an underdeveloped bladder combined with an inability to
understand why it matters so much to us where he peed.

We have been through puppy class and basic obedience and of all of my
previous and current dogs he has been by far the easiest. He loves to work and just gets it. I have been really busy at work this summer and haven't had as much time for "homework" as I would have liked, but Hugo made us look like rock stars every week. Everyone was so amazed by him they kept congratulating me on all my hard work. It was a little embarrassing as I
knew it was not due to me at all.

I included a photo of him on the teeter-tooter at puppy class. They do 20 minutes on an agility style course at the beginning of puppy class to get
them used to new challenges and work out some energy, Hugo loved it (exceptthe teeter-tooter) in fact Kevin built him a ramp in their yard and he oftenruns up and down it by himself, he is the most amusing when he just stops and sits on top of it. I try to get a photo of that, but always miss it
Mia, Edmonton

Things are going really well with Jaxson and he had his first road trip to Jasper National Park.  Loved every minute of it and we are hoping to do it again soon.  He got to walk in Maligne Lake, run in dandelion field, sleep in a tent, play with other dogs, walk in the trees but most of all run free without the leash which he was so great doing.  His recall is getting better and hopefully in a few months we can get him trained up on that so we can take him to the dog park.

Obedience classes are also going very well.  He is back at home now so we will have to get back to the routine again but I was so proud of him this past weekend and can’t wait to get him out again for some camping and boating. We got him a life jacket so he’ll be good to go next time.
Jennifer, Calgary

Maggie was born Dec 29th. Man she is such a joy, she never stops talking, if you are busy with something she comes over and makes sure you know she's there.  We have never had a pet that was as vocal as she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            She has become quite the boater, she rides much better than Spud a dog we adopted from the animal shelter, she just lays on the floor and rides the waves no problem. Would like to be on your email list for the news letter.  I was just on your web site and enjoyed the journal on the puppy litter.

Frank & Marie, Peterborough, On

Hi Lori,  just a quick update on our Meg.  I think she's finally decided that she's in Schnauzer heaven.  She's had a fun summer chasing squirrels and rabbits and "Never" going out of the yard.  John and I both love her but her first love is Sheffie.  They have a great time together and have given us a lot of laughs.  Boy, do they have different personalities!!!  Sheff is still our softie and would be a lap dog if he wasn't so big.  Meg is very independent and loves being outdoors.  It's so nice that she can now stay outside without us having to constantly watch her.  She is always ready to play and keeps Sheff on his toes.  Where Sheff's world is complete if he can be near us,  hers is complete if she can hear that we're close by and Sheff is with her.  It's a lovely family we have.  Thanks again. 

Linda, British Columbia

Jazz and I are trying our hand at Open level obedience. We are inching our way back from a total melt down earlier this summer. Forgot everything weeks before our first CDX trial in Fredericton. We got most of it back but not enough to earn a leg. Not much better at the Rothesay show, although I only entered her in one trial to see where we were. Had a chance to chat with Line Champagne and to cheer Lia on to a Group 4 win. Pretty impressive considering there were 14 breeds in the group!
Other than that Jazz and I have been enjoying walks on the beach, chasing waves and playing Frisbee. She loves to take life at full speed, loves to play and tease, guarding the house and greeting every visitor with gusto. At the end of the day she crashes on ‘her’ sofa with a big sigh. Another day well spent
Janet, New Bruinswick

Lori,  I thought you might enjoy and update on Jessie (Mersey/Pirate  March 29/05).

We celebrated Jessie's birthday in March with a dog birthday cake from a dog bakery in the Beaches.  We took the cake to the day care, and on her b'day, they cut they cake and gave all her day care buddies a piece (peanut butter flavoured).

Jessie is so adorable -- my husband and I are so happy with her.  She  is very affectionate and has a pretty face that strangers always comment on.  She will still sit on my knee for a short time, just 
like she did when you let the puppies take turns sitting on your  knee.  Of course, she's about 40 lbs now. 
Janice & Rainer, Toronto, On

Baxter is doing excellent. He is at the age now where he seems to be able to
understand what I'm trying to teach him. I'm surprised how much he likes to
jump. I'm not talking about jumping on people I mean down the stairs, off
the rock walks and anywhere he can get some air.

Elery, Chelsea, Maine

Cayenne, Columbus, Nebraska
Cayenne is doing extremely well--all 3 vets and ALL of their staff want to kidnap him! they LOVE Cayenne--you name it they love it,  That is a compliment to your ability as a breeder.

Hope you and the dogs are having a great summer and Cayenne is certainly having one big adventure after another.  He loves navigating his way through the gardens as he goes from rocks to dirt to lava rocks to flowers to grasses. 

He has done very well with the invisible fence, the biting is another story, but I'm persistent with him--do you have any suggestions? Any tricks of the trade on this behaviour??? Look forward to hearing from you.

Lenore, Nebraska

I needed to tell you that this little guy (Otto) is the light of our life and exactly what was need for our empty nest!
He is without a doubt the most exquisite dog we have known.  He has the most perfect markings, coat and teeth and is quick as a whip.  We were unable to get him into fall obedience class but hope to start him in Jan.  We have taught him to heel and sit when we stop.  Works in progress continue with staying in the yard, sitting at the door when people knock, stay.  He knows to sit, shake, speak, sit handsome, turn around and hold cookies on his nose!
He is a jumper!  Straight up to my shoulder!  I am going to check into a fun agility club we have here, in the spring.
We needed to thank you for allowing Otto to come our way.  We would consider adopting another younger dog if the opportunity arises.  Please keep us in mind.
Thanks Lori...and by the way, I really enjoy going back to your website and seeing all of Otto's relatives!! They all look just like him!

Joy, Cranbrook, BC

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