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4 weeks of age, exploring their nursery
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5 weeks of age, playing outside in the puppy enclosure with their mom
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Information on how our pups are raised:

Working from my home allows me to spend many hours with the new pups.   Pups are born and raised to four weeks of age in our spare bedroom giving mom a private room to settle in with her babies, pups are handled by us from day one.  Shortly after the fourth week we move them downstairs to the main floor of our home.   Here they are exposed to all the daily activities and sounds of a busy household, pots dropping, telephone ringing and visitors to the house.

Spending so much time with the little ones enables me to help new owners choose the perfect puppy for their home. 
If you are obtaining a puppy from a distance I pride myself
in my ability to match my pups to the appropriate family,
not all pups are for all people. 

Summer pups enjoy playtime outdoors in our secure enclosure, street traffic and a golf course across the road exposes them to different noises while feeling secure with their littermates, mom or an obliging auntie to keep a watchful eye out.

Pups are introduced to crates before they  leave our care.   We acclimatize pups to grooming equipment, collars, play tunnels, different environments, daily handling.

New owners find them intelligent, loving and always into something.

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New Starting in 2005

To show our gratitude to all the people that own Dinsdale Standard Schnauzers we are offering a second pup at half the current purchase price to anyone that accomplishes a advanced Agility or Obedience title on their pet.  We will extend the same offer to anyone that completes a Canadian or American Conformation Championship.


Below are the various organizations and the minimum performance title necessary to receive their next pup at half the purchase price.



CDX - Companion Dog Excellent


CKC - AGI (Intermediate)
AKC - OA ( Open Agility)
AAC - AADC (Advanced Agility Dog of Canada)
NADAC - OAC (Open Agility Certificate)


CH - Conformation Champion


We hope this offer encourages our owners to get out and have some fun with their Standard Schnauzers and to present the breed to the public as a well trained intelligent breed.

If you would like further information please contact us for details


With each Dinsdale Puppy you get:

fire_hydrant_icon.gif (1097 bytes) Canadian Kennel Club Registered
fire_hydrant_icon.gif (1097 bytes) Non-Breeding Contract
fire_hydrant_icon.gif (1097 bytes) Two year written Health Guarantee

fire_hydrant_icon.gif (1097 bytes) Veterinarian Health Recard
fire_hydrant_icon.gif (1097 bytes) Tattoo or Microchip
fire_hydrant_icon.gif (1097 bytes) Wormed
fire_hydrant_icon.gif (1097 bytes) First shots administered
fire_hydrant_icon.gif (1097 bytes) Copy of Pedigree & Photo of Parents
fire_hydrant_icon.gif (1097 bytes) Parent's Hips x-rayed

fire_hydrant_icon.gif (1097 bytes) In depth Puppy Training & Info Package
fire_hydrant_icon.gif (1097 bytes) Lifetime help & guidance


Every new owner gets a copy of our Training Guide to get them started with their new pup.

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