The Pepper and Salt Standard Schnauzer
Dinsdale Standard Schnauzers

This is the colour variety most often seen in North America.  We have been involved in this colour for more then 15 years and I have to admit it is still my favorite.  I love the differences in the coat shades, from sterling silver to the darkest charcoal grey.  I find them all very appealing. 

The Pepper & Salt coloration is actually caused by the banding of black on the individual hair.  As the coat grows the colour will actually transform through different shades of grey.

7 week old pepper & salt schnauzer pup

Although we are attempting to become more involved in the black colour, my heart lies with the Pepper & Salt and most of our litters will consist of this colour.

If you are interested in acquiring a Pepper & Salt  Standard Schnauzer please contact us for information on our next litter.  If we do not have anything on the horizon, we maybe able to direct you to a breeder that does.

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 Torino 4.5 months old

Lucy, a beautiful dark Pepper & Salt

Photo Copyright M.Raycroft

I have inter-bred the two colour varieties producing litters that consisted of both colours.  So far the black pups from these litters have remained a nice clear black and the Pepper & Salts have been properly marked.  Although I think an occasional breeding between the colours will freshen up the lines and if done wisely improve on faults I think it would be a mistake to dilute either colour by breeding them back and forth too often.

Kodie in her stunning sterling silver coat

Photo copyright M.Raycroft

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