As breeders we will occasionally have an older schnauzer available to the right home.  There are many reasons for this, show prospects that did not mature as hoped, we may retire a dog from our breeding program, occasionally we think a dogs personality is more suited to a household with fewer dogs.

If an owner of one of our dogs decides to rehome their Dinsdale Schnauzer we will help them to find an appropriate new home.  Unfortunately if you have allowed your dog to get into a position to bite, we cannot help you rehome this dog due to liability reasons.  We hope owners will contact us before a serious problem arises so that we can help them to correct their training errors, or return the dog to us before the dog is put in the position where a bite happens.

If you are interested in an older schnauzer please write us for information on what we may have available.  Please be so kind as to provide us with information about yourself, include family members, dog owning experience, current animals in the household, why you are interested in an older animal.  We will be happy to let you know if we have a suitable adult standard schnauzer available.

Please be aware that *all* dogs have a cost associated with them dependent on age and the level of training, this price will vary.  We believe all dogs have value, unfortunately some people feel if a dog is free to good home, it's life is not of value.


Dogs currently available for adoption. UPDATE Sept 20th 2012 -  LOOKS LIKE A HOME HAS BEEN FOUND FOR THIS GIRL! 


Our friend at Chimera Standard Schnauzers in Wisconsin is seeking a new home for the Standard Schnauzer below.  It is possible, that for the right home, she could be brought to Ontario for placement.  Have a read below and if you think this girl may fit into your home please contact Brooke at the email address below.

We are seeking a great, loving home with no children for this four year old black female standard schnauzer. She has been raised in a quiet, adult-only home with few visitors and we feel she would do best in a similar situation. She is devoted and affectionate and would find the constant coming and goings of a busy suburban household with kids/grandkids and strangers stressful.  Ideally, she would be matched with someone who resides in a quiet environment, but enjoys an active life and wants to include their schnauzer in a variety of outdoor activities. She is cheerful, funny, eager to please, very cuddly and affectionate, loves a good game of fetch, and picks up obedience commands quickly. She is crate-trained, house-trained, has no known health issues, is up-to-date on vaccinations, has solid basic obedience training and has earned an AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate. She would love a male schnauzer buddy, but would not do well with cats or other small animals. Ideally, she would make a super second companion to a home that already has a Standard Schnauzer and enjoys their quick minds, great humor, playfulness, loyalty, and sense of fun.

If you think you might be a good match for this lovely girl, contact Chimera for more information. Please include a detailed description of your experience with dogs and training, why you think this could be a good match, what traits you would ideally have in your schnauzer, what you would hope to do with this girl, your home, living, family and other pets situation, where you are located, etc.



four year old female SS  


Over the years we have placed some of our personal pets into new homes, although never easy to part with we realize that not all dogs are suited to a multi dog household.  As our dogs retire they deserve a special family and all the extra attention that they  desire. 

Some of the Schnauzers that have been part of our home and breeding program and are now living with their new families are listed below.  Thank you to all the wonderful owners that have opened their homes and their hearts and given these deserving schnauzers a special home.

 Abby   Allie   Bailey  Casino   Charlotte   Chelsea   Dervish   Finn   Gage  Humphrey  Madison   Rosie   Ruckus   Shady          


         Below are a few photos of adult dogs we have placed into second homes


Phoebe was sadly returned to us in July 2008 when asthma problems escalated to such an extent to cause real health concerns in one of her owners.  It was an extremely sad situation as her family obviously loved her very much.
Phoebe lived with us for close to a month and she was a wonderful dog to have at the house.  We waited until we found a home that was a great fit for Phoebe, she now resides with Will & Melissa and has quickly made herself at home and introduced them to the breed. 


Dewey was returned to us at 11 months of age in the Spring of 2008.  His owner complained that he was not manageable and could never settle down in the house.
I did a little training with Dewey and had him placed into a new home within the month.  
He now happily resides with owners Sheila & Bruce their two daughters and Standard Schnauzer Casey

Dewey in his new home


Tucker came back to us summer of 2005.  His family had made a lot of training errors and were feeling frustrated.  I took him back, put in some training and off he went to live with the nephew of Betty who owns Standard Schnauzers Kira and also Rosie.

Here are photos of Tucker enjoying his new life!


Sam was another dog that had some training issues, he came back to us at 2 years of age.  He had a wonderful temperament, was playful and affectionate.  When Karen & Gary came to visit it didn't take them long to decide he was to join their family.  Sam is now a sailing Schnauzer.

Love those boots Sam!



Littermates Toby and Taylor were pups we kept as possible show and breeding prospects we decided at about 5 months of age to find them new homes.  They both went to their new families within a month of each other.  Taylor spends her spare time at the cottage and Toby is a great companion and competes in Agility with his owner


Harley's original owners split up and were in need of a new home for Harley.  He came back to me for a short while and was soon adopted by a Andrea & Stephen, they own Quinte another of our schnauzers.  Harley had a few issues with dog aggression and Stephen has worked hard with Harley including a Canine Good Citizen title.  In his spare time he is trying out Agility & Rally O with Andrea.

You can read more about Harley by clicking here


Angus came back to us late summer 2006 at five years of age.  His family was busy with a new child and felt they did not have the time for Angus. 
He proved to be a wonderful boy and within a week we had him set-up in a new home with schnauzer lover Joanne who previously has owned both a Standard and a Mini.


Hunter was returned to us at 3 years of age.  It was all rather strange as prior updates had been excellent for the first two years of his life.  Suddenly they were having all sorts of trouble and in the end he came back to me.  Hunter came back dirty, un-groomed and severely under weight.  After a couple months care and training, he was placed with a couple in Ottawa.  Hunter is a sweet fellow and is enjoying his new life.


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