Hugo caught in mid air as he flies out after a couple of sheep

Sunday June 10th 2007 a group of schnauzer enthusiasts (along with one young Giant Schnauzer and an Australian Shepherd) headed north of Toronto to Boydwood Farms for a day of herding.  We had great weather, the dogs all had a ball and two standard schnauzers managed to be certified as having herding instinct.  Regardless of the official outcome we all enjoyed the day and loved watching how differently each dog would interact with the livestock. 

Each participant did a little herding of Indian Runner Ducks without the dogs to give us an idea of what the dogs were expected to do.  This was a blast as we each maneuvered the four ducks around the ring to a gate and finally into a tunnel.

Dinsdale dogs in attendance were our own Abby, Hugo and owner Patti Cumberland, Andrea Ferguson Jones and schnauzers Harley and Quinte.  Quinte was one of the two to pass certification!

One of the days instructors Hugo & sheep size each other up Hugo brings them around Everyone enjoys Quinte's herding style


Abby's off and the chase is on Abby just having a good time I think she actually has a smile on her face.

Apparently she was thinking 'lamb chop' not herding!

Quinte breaks one away from the herd
Check out the shepherds crook in the forefront.  They tossed these towards the dogs when they were getting a little too intense, apparently it didn't slow Quinte down this time
Hugo closes the gap




Below Abby waits her turn but keeps her eyes locked on the action in the ring

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