Dinsdale Standard Schnauzers 
The Scoop On The Breed
Although we love them they are not the dog for everyone.
Please read about some of the breed pluses and minuses
Best Buds - Riley and Dervish
The Good
Standards are intelligent and loving companions, they adore their families and are extremely loyal to them.  They can be protective when necessary and have a strong bark that will discourage unwanted visitors.  If you are interested in Obedience they have the skills to place you at the top of the class.  They excel in Agility, built for quick bursts of speed and  precise turns.  Their springy and effortless jumping skills are a great asset in the sport.  They are non-shedding when properly groomed.  Most allergy sufferers have no problem with the Standard Schnauzer, for this reason they make great candidates for Therapy work.  They revel in family life and love being involved in everything you do.  They are a medium size, we think of them as a lot of dog in a medium package.  They love car rides, and when trained properly with their non-shedding attributes and medium frame they are generally welcome even when visiting non-dog friends.
The Bad
The Standard Schnauzer is slow to grow up, most owners agree that they have matured into wonderful companions between the second and third year.  During puppy hood they will test your patience and consistency daily with their attempts at puppy biting and enthusiastic play.  With young children they can sometimes be overwhelming in their playful nipping.  One of their original purposes in life was to rid the family farm of vermin, most still retain the drive to chase anything small and furry.  You will have a challenge teaching them to ignore the family cat.  Because they are a watchdog they will always give a strong voice to the approach of visitors to their home.  Owners must take them in hand from day one, teaching them how to greet visitors properly.  With there bouncy ways they should be discouraged from early puppy hood from jumping up to greet you, once learned this is an extremely hard lesson to re-train.

Cool Dudes - Jonathan and Griffey

Gardening to pass the time
...and the Ugly
With their exceptional intelligence many problems can develop.  If their training is inconsistent they will quickly decide you are not a worthy leader and attempt to take over.  They can be manipulative and dominant, this is one of the reasons a breeder will tell you they are not always the best choice for a first dog.  Discipline with a Standard should be quick and forceful enough to end the behaviour first time, if allowed to negotiate your command they can become aggressive and domineering.  Although they generally adore the children in the household, they will consider them siblings when young and try to dominate them, you must supervise and train the kids and the Schnauzer how to interact properly.  They are not a dog to be left outside alone, they will become destructive (digging, chewing) and vocal.  They are strong enough that without proper obedience training they will drag you all over town on their leashes.  With their strong prey drive many are hit and killed when chasing squirrels and cats.

Dinsdale is Located one hour east of Toronto in Ontario - Canada

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