About the Foster Program....
To maintain a breeding program, especially one with diversity requires a large number of dogs to continue and move forward.  However, when rearing a breed like the Standard Schnauzer it doesn't take long to realize that the breed does best with lots of individual attention and lots of personal training.  In order to provide each of our dogs in our home with the attention that is deserving we are forced to maintain a very small breeding pool.  What we have done over the years is to place some of the dogs in our breeding program into private homes.  This enables the dog to be properly trained, socialized and loved while expanding the dogs we have access to for our breeding program.  

As a rule we have had the most success at placing intact male dogs into private homes.  Usually these are older dogs that we have trained, shown to their Championships and health tested.  I prefer not to maintain more then one or two male dogs in my home at a time.  Keeping male dogs in the same household as females that are cycling through heat cycles is very stressful on an intact male dog.    It is much easier if the males live away from my intact females unless a breeding is required.  We require these dogs to remain intact until the age of 8 years old, at that point they may be neutered if the foster family prefers.  If I am not obtaining the quality of offspring from a certain male I may decide earlier that he may be neutered and removed from our breeding program.  This past year we have retired Gage, Finn and Monty from our breeding program.

I will on occasion place a promising youngster into a foster home, again, this will usually be a male pup that I have kept for a few months to ensure that his adult teeth have emerged and the bite is good, both testicles are descended and the pup has show and breeding potential.  There are some extra considerations when it is youngster that hasn't yet matured, or yet passed his health testing.  I would be happy to speak privately with individuals that think they maybe interested in fostering one of our pups.

I have placed females into foster homes as well.  This is a little more involved as we must be kept informed of her seasons in a timely manner.  If we are not breeding the female on her season it means the foster family must keep her safe and away from other dogs during the three weeks of her heat cycle, twice yearly.  When a breeding is planned we require her to come to us for the breeding and again for the delivery and raising of her pups to weaning.  This program doesn't work for everyone, in the past it has been mostly friends & family or folks that currently own one of our Schnauzers and would like to add a second schnauzer to their home without going through the intensive puppy raising stage.

What is the benefit to the Foster owner?  Most of our foster placements are mannerly adult schnauzers, this means they are house & crate trained,  no puppy teeth and other puppy antics.  This breed can take 2-3 years to mature, our adults are already there.   These dogs are the best of our 20 year breeding program and owners take great pride in owning a handsome dog that exemplifies the breed standard.  Adults in our breeding program are all pre-screened for genetic health issues.  If you would like I offer free grooming to all dogs in our foster program and am always available for advice.

**Please note that all Foster Homes must be located within driving distance (maximum 2-3 hours) of our home.  We are one hour east of Toronto, Ontario Canada

Standard Schnauzers Currently Available....
** We do not currently have any adult dogs for foster placement

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