Record of Conformation Show Ring Champions bred, or, owned by Dinsdale


Am/Cdn.Ch.Cortaillod Victor Hugo, CD 'Hugo'

Cdn.Ch.Cortaillod Havana 'Idgie'

Cdn.Ch.Cortaillod Kaladar of Dinsdale  'Madison'

Cdn.Ch.Dinsdale Vision Quest 'Ruckus'

Cdn.Ch.Dinsdale Silver Charm 'Charlotte'

Cdn.Ch.Cortaillod Bay of Dinsdale  'Bailey'

Cdn.Ch.Dinsdale Rules of Engagement 'Gage'

Cdn.Ch.Dinsdale Bladerunner 'Cutter'

Cdn.Ch.Dinsdale Captain Tempete 'Tempete'

Am/Cdn.Ch.Dinsdale Infinite Jest 'Finn'

Cdn.Ch.Dinsdale Play It Again 'Humphrey'

Cdn.Ch.Dinsdale Unshaded 'Shady'

Cdn.Ch.Dinsdale Double Trouble 'Breeze'

Cdn.Ch.Steinhaus Bet's on Dinsdale 'Casino'

Am.Ch.Dinsdale Meerkat 'Kit'

Am.Ch.Dinsdale-Chimera Man-In-Black 'Ash'

Am.Ch.Dinsdale Chimera Mirari 'Mira'

Cdn.Ch.Dinsdale Sweet Abigail 'Abby'

Cdn.Ch.Dinsdale Ms Molly V Steinhaus 'Molly'

BIS Cdn.Ch.Dinsdale Champagne Celebration,CGN 'Lia'

Cdn.Ch.Dinsdale Champagne Upsy Daisy 'Daisy'

Am/Cdn.Ch. Dinsdale Champagne Flute  'Flute'

Cdn.Ch.Dinsdale Licorice Allsorts  'Anise'

Cdn.Ch.Dinsdale Mr.Pimms 'Pimm'

Cdn.Ch.Dinsdale Blue Suede Shoes  'Suede'

Cdn.Ch.Dinsdale Chimera Bras d'Or,CGN  'Eli'

Cdn.Ch.Dinsdale Champagne N Diamonds 'Ciara'

Am.Ch.Dinsdale Champagne Silver Star  'Hector'

Cdn.Ch.Dinsdale's Otway Do I Move You 'Bishop'

Cdn.Ch.Dinsdale Unforgettable Jest  'Jessie'

More coming soon......



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