Dinsdale Standard Schnauzers Reg'd
Update Spring/Summer 2014***We are not planning a litter until Late Summer/Autumn 2014, this will be a black litter, news will be posted on our Upcoming Puppy page in a few weeks.  I am stepping away from the computer for a couple of months to concentrate on our many projects at home and with the dogs. This means that for the next few weeks I will not likely be responding to emails regarding pups.  If you are interested in a puppy from us please drop us an email later this Summer.  I will be getting out to some dog shows this Summer and if you check us out on Facebook or my Blog I will post info there regarding where you might be able to visit with our dogs this Summer.  I will update my Blog and my Dinsdale page on Facebook often and you can message me on Facebook***

Our schnauzers are members of our family raised in our home, we are not a public kennel, visiting our home and our dogs can only be done by appointmentIf we have a litter of pups planned we will do our best to accommodate a day and time for you to come and meet our dogs and to see the environment a puppy from us is raised in.  Visits are easier for me to arrange on a weekday (Mon thru Friday).  Like most people we enjoy having our weekends for our family and of course our many dog activities, it is not usually possible to have visitors on weekends, nor during public holiday weekends.

Only those people confirmed to be taking a puppy from us are invited to visit when we have a litter of pups in the house. This is for the health of the pups and to allow me to concentrate on raising the pups properly.  We encourage the new owners of our pups to come and socialize with our pups once they are old enough to receive visitors, around 5 weeks of age.

Anyone that wishes to visit must first email us to arrange a day and time and complete our questionnaire prior to coming to our home

Directions to our home will only be given when a private visit is confirmed...we are approximately one hour east of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

e-mail: dinsdale@eagle.ca


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