The Black Standard Schnauzer
Dinsdale Standard Schnauzers

There are two colour varieties allowed in the Standard Schnauzer, Pepper & Salt and the Black.  In North America the two colours are exhibited and judged together and the two colours may be bred together. 

The black should be of solid, clear coloration with no fading to grey.  Some reddening from sun exposure may occasionally be seen. 
I find that their is a large portion of the Blacks whose colour fades to a gun-metal black/grey with time.  Clippering the coat, opposed to hand-stripping increases the fading.  I haven't found away to accurately tell which pups in a litter will fade more then others as the age.  Having a white spot on the chest or feet does NOT seem to indicate the pups colour will fade from clear black to gun-metal black.

7 week old black schnauzer pup

Blacks currently in our breeding program are Hexe, Hazel, Amina, Hickstead and Sam.We will produce one or two black litters yearly.  
Although some breeders say the personalities are different between the blacks and the pepper & salt, I think for the most part they are
similar in North America considering the two colours are freely interbred.  In Europe the two colour varieties are bred separately and perhaps a more distinct personality is developing.

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5 week old Mersey pup Mom pepper & salt, dad black

Star Frisbee dog!


Our next black litter will be early Spring 2012

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