Hazel is bright and sweet.  She is a real love-bug and likes nothing more then to spend time with us.  She is always looking for the approval of the other dogs and is easy to live with.  Hazel has that great working energy and intelligence of her mom.

Hazel is one of the nicest Black Standards that I have produced.  Lovely balanced front and rear angles. 


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We don't often hold onto the boys, but Beamish is just what we were looking for in a future stud dog.

Outstanding coat, lots of bone, shortness of back and a ton of attitude.  We are excited to see how this little boy matures. 

In personality Beamish is our 'bad boy' always looking for trouble and usually finding it, I get a real kick out of our little Mr. Attitude. 

If he 'survives' to adulthood :-))  we think he will have a big impact on the Dinsdale breeding program.

Hips have been x-rayed and a preliminary rating of Good given
This will be confirmed at 24 months of age with OFA certification

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Another new Black hopeful to Dinsdale.  Meet Amina, our Mersey daughter, also sired by Monty.

Amina lives with my friend Bev and what a wonderful job she has done raising this little girl.

Amina is moderate in size, feminine while possessing lots of substance, and what pretty angles.  Another natural eared girl with perfect ear set and size.


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