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Welcome to Dinsdale Standard Schnauzers


 My girls all decided to come into season in October, a month or two early.  Cyrus has bred two of our females and with luck we should have pups arriving at the end of December 2014.  This means we will have Black pups ready to head to their new homes in February 2015.  For anyone that wishes to be on our waiting list please contact us at dinsdale@eagle.ca

I will be posting an update to our Upcoming Litter page in a couple of weeks once we know they are pregnant

welcome to dinsdale standard schnauzers

For more then 20 years we have owned, bred and shown our dogs to Conformation, Obedience and Agility Titles.  Our Standard Schnauzer achievements include Top Standard Schnauzer in Canada, Best In Show, top five in both Obedience and Agility.  Dinsdale dogs have completed Canine Good Neighbour certification, St John Therapy dog certification.  We are incredibly proud of the number of our owners that have taken their Dinsdale Schnauzers and titled them in the Show Ring and the dog sport venues of Agility, Rally O, Obedience and Tracking titles in Canada and the USA
Member of the Canadian Kennel Club and the Standard Schnauzer Club of Canada


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About Us :  We have been owners and breeders of Standard Schnauzers for more then 20 years.  Located in Ontario, Canada  one hour east of the city of Toronto. 
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  Our Puppy PlansGenerally we breed twice yearly.  Our pups are all registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, Microchipped or tattooed for identification.  All our pups are examined by our Vet, socialized, outgoing pups. 
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Natural Ears:  Traditionally the Schnauzer ear has been surgically cropped and trained to stand in an  alert manner. This practice of cropping ears has however fallen into disfavour with the majority of countries around the world.  I am not going to argue the rights vs. wrongs of the practice of cropping.  
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Breed Info The Standard Schnauzer is a medium sized (17-20"at the shoulder) robust dog, they weigh more (35-48lbs) then one would think at first glance. 
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Dinsdale is Located in Ontario, Canada  Approximately 1 hour east of  Toronto

Contact us by email at dinsdale@eagle.ca  


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Dinsdale Dogs have been Busy -  News & Updates Below

Pups from Flute & Tommy arriving November 2013

We are excited to announce pups due from the breeding of Flute to Tommy has been confirmed by ultrasound 
Click Here for details

   Schnauzapolooza in St.Louis May 11th 2013
As the Breeder and Co-Owner of Flute I was thrilled to have co-owner Brooke Thomas handle our girl to an Award of Merit at the Standard Schnauzer Club of America National Specialty.  The entry was the largest in the clubs history.  What a wonderful accomplishment!

flute award of merit
Plans are being made for Flute to come to Dinsdale shortly to be a Momma

April 21st 2013 - Flute becomes an American Grand Champion

Congrats to co-owner B.Thomas for grooming and handling Flute to this new title

Flute grand champion
AKC Grand Champion, CKC Champion Dinsdale Champagne Flute, CGC


April 21st - Clarington, Ontario - NEW Rally title for Ryder
ryder new rally title
Ryder poses with his ribbons after gaining his CARO Rally Novice Magna Cum Laude title!
Congrats to Andrea for putting another title on her boy!


Results are in for Agility Association of Canada 2012   

Of the twenty schnauzers competing in 2012 nine of them are Dinsdale Schnauzers!
I am so proud of all those wonderful owners. Six made the top ten! Way to go Heike & Cleo (#2), Andrea with Ryder (#3), Quinte (#8) and Harley(#11), Joanne & Doc(#4), Kim with Tally(#6) & Chaos(#13), Audrey & Lucas(#7), Jill & Bishop(tied Chaos for #13)

In Ontario Ryder was #1 and Tally #2 this is the first year of competition for these young dogs. What a wonderful start!! Congrats, congrats and a HUGE thank you

Tally putting lots of air between her and the jump!



Flute successfully completes her Canine Good Citizen certificate December 4th 2012
Congrat's to Brooke for working with Flute to earn the new title

American/Canadian Ch.Dinsdale Champagne Flute, CGC
NEW!! We have plans for a Flute Litter later in 2013 stayed tuned for details

October 7th 2012 - Scugog,ON
Ryder obtains his Agility Dog of Canada Title

Ryder ADC title
Another fun ribbon photo of Beamish son Ryder and owner Andrea - Congrats!

Dinsdale's Weight of a Nation, SGDC aka Super Ryder!!
September 15th 2012 - Ryder and Andrea obtain their AAC Starters Game Dog of Canada Title
Including a First Placement!!!

Sept 16th - Manitowoc Kennel Club, Manitowoc, WI
Open Bitch, Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex and her third major
Sept 8th 2012 - Kenosha Kennel Club, Wilmont, WI

Bea Wins her second major with a WB, BW and BB

Dinsdale Chimera Bumble Bea
(Dinsdale Champagne Irish Stout X Dinsdale Devil's Bow)

K9Klubhouse September 8th 2012 - Congrats to Kim & Chaos!

Dinsdale Sunshine Lollipop 'Chaos'
Not to be out done by her big sister Tally, Chaos obtained her first Q in Jumpers

August 25th & 26th Stormont Dundas & Glengarry Dog Show in Cornwall
Dinsdale Loose the Kracken CKC AGN, AAC ADC 'Tally'

Tally CKC Novice title
Tally (with owner Kim's help :-) Obtained her CKC Novice Standard title with two first place Q's and one Second!
She also picked up a Q and a first place run in Novice Jumpers

Tally completes her Starter Standard title
August 11th 2012 at Superdog Central

Dinsdale Loose the Kraken, CKC AGN, AAC ADC
Posing with her Starter Standard Ribbon

Waukesha Kennel Club-WI July 28th 2012
Bea wins Winners Bitch & Best of Winners

Dinsdale Chimera Bumble Bea
(Dinsdale Champagne Irish Stout X Dinsdale Devil's Bow)
Bred by Lori Elvin, Dinsdale Standard Schnauzer, shown by Co-Owner Brooke Thomas
Bea's first time in the show ring wins her first American Major!


Lots happening in the Agility rings summer 2012
Check out this wonderful video of Kathryn Reilly & Willow competing in AAC Fast


Dinsdale Willow Jane AKC NA NAJ NF

Willows title abreviations are American Kennel Club Novice Standard, Jumpers & Fast titles
She is also competing in CPE, Willow has her CSL4 and is only 9 legs away from her CS-ATCH!

Another great video, this time it's Joanne Corkum and the fabulous Doc


Dinsdale Doc Martin AADC (Advanced Agility Dog of Canada)
Doc has his first Q in Master's Standard and earlier this year obtained their Starter Games Dog title

April 1st 2012 - BIG achievement Stateside for Brenna
and owner Pierre, they attained their AKC MACH 4 title!!!

Always so proud of team Pierre & Brenna - Go Brenna Berry GO!

It's so exciting to see a new generation of Dinsdale Dogs having fun with their owners. 
Below Ryder and Tally are both Fiddle kids!

Ryder made his Agility Debut
April 8th - Morning Star Dog Academy, Morton,ON
Obtaining his 1st 'Q' and a 1st placement in AAC Starters Snooker

Ryder posing with his ribbon above and below on course with Andrea

Thanks to
Ron Jeffery & Kathy Webb for the photo on course

Way to go Andrea & Ryder!

Windreach Farm, Ashburn,March 25th, 2012,
Kim and Tally attend their first Agility Trial obtaining their first Q in AAC Starters Jumper

Congratulations to them both!

Hooray to Quinte who is the Top AAC Agility Standard Schnauzer in Ontario and #2 in Canada

Big BIG congrats to team Andrea and Quinte! Not bad for an 11 year old Schnauzer!
Photo by Harvey Mackenzie

Below is a list of the rest of the Dinsdale Agility Standard Schnauzers who placed in Canada's top 15 list
Way to go everyone, I am so proud to be the breeder of these wonderful dogs and grateful to their owners that have worked so hard and had so much fun with their dogs

doc and joanne #8
Doc #8 (Owner Joanne)

lucas trial
Lucas (owner Audrey) tied for #8th position with Doc

harley ribbons
Harley #12 (owner Andrea)

Cleo # 14 (Owner Heike)

 Brenna fnishes off 2011 as the TOP Standard Schnauzer at the United States Agility Invitationals

brenna berry
Dinsdale-Chimera Brenna Berry and Pierre had a fantastic year, completing their MACH 3, competing and taking 4th place in the finals & top Standard Schnauzer at the Eukanuba Invitational


Andrea had a great agility year with both Harley (left) and Quinte (center) while new kid, Ryder (right) is in training

ATChC Dinsdales Quinte, CGN, Bronze Award of Merit, ExJ Bronze, ExSt Bronze, ExSc Bronze, VBA, AGN, AGIJ, CL2-F, RACL, HIC
Quinte's accomplishments for 2011:

Qualified for Nationals at the Ontario Regionals including a 4th Place in Jumpers 1 - May 2011
Ran in Nationals with a 9th Place in Standard 2 and a 10th Place in Jumpers 2 - August 2011
Expert Standard Bronze and Bronze Award of Merit - September 3, 2011
Expert Steeplechase Bronze and Versatility Bronze Award - October 29, 2011

Dinsdale Bo Jangles CGN, AGDC, MADC, MJDC, MSDC, MSCDC, ExJ Bronze, AGNJS, CL1-F, CL1-R, RNMCL
Harley gained his Expert Jumpers Bronze - February 25, 2011


Dinsdale Doc Martin, ADC

Joanne and Doc had a wonderful time in agility.  They obtained their ADC (Agility Dog of Canada) and need ONE more Gamblers run to complete Starter Games Dog title.  They had a qualifying Advanced Standard run towards their next title of AADC (Advanced Agility Dog) title. 
Go black dog Go!!

MACH 3 Dinsdale-Chimera's Brenna Berry

Brenna and owner Pierre had a fabulous year Stateside completing their MACH3! 
Our best wishes to Pierre & Brenna as they compete in the AKC Eukanuba Agility Invitational later in December


Dinsdale is located in Ontario, Canada