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Diana and Sidney Snorkeler
Welcome to Dive with Diana and the Underwater World
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Fascinating Underwater Environment
     Because most people have never had the opportunity to dive, they are always interested in listening to someone who has.

      Children and adults alike are fascinated, and want to know more. As stewards of the planet, it is up to us to protect it. My goal is to instill in my audiences appreciation and respect for this fragile and vital underwater environment that covers most of the earth and about which so little is known.

     My presentations are informative, educational and entertaining.  Each person attending will have an opportunity to touch or try on one of the numerous pieces of dive equipment as well as ask questions.

     I will show slides I have taken (many of them underwater) and will present segments from three videos made during dives in which I have participated.

     Children's parties feature all of the above in addition to "theme-related" goody bags and a special gift and card for the host child.

Diana with beluga whales
Presentations can be tailored to the client's needs.  Something unique!
Dive with Diana
Located in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada.  Serving Southern Ontario
including Greater Toronto, Peterborough & Kingston areas.
Phone: 905-372-8043
Email: dianadiv@eagle.ca
Website: http://www.eagle.ca/~dianadiv
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