Photo Gallery


Tough Case  2014



Beach Party 2014



Filming Dear Viola 2013




Vacation Bible Photos 2013


Cast of dramatic reading: Skin Deep
Feb. 3, 2013




Castleton Candlelight Service 2012    



Grafton Parade 2012    


Bless our pets 2012    

Ted Nasmith brought Sir Barcley
to be blessed

Shasta Morey holds Lily.  She and Ed foster cats from
Cat Care.  Lily is up for adoption.

Sheila Davey holds her cat
named Angel

Tika, a rescue dog, belongs to
Cathy & Tony White.

Rev. Lander with Shiloh a rescue dog
belonging to Joan & George Chalovich

June Mallory with Tracy


Big Screen 2012




Vacation Bible Camp Photos 2012