Our Facilities


Castleton United

The sanctuary has seating to accommodate up to 150 people and the basement can include banquet seating for up to 80 people.  The kitchen has recently been modernized and there are washrooms at the basement level.  It is an ideal location for weddings, concerts, meetings and non-profit groups may be able to use the facilities at no charge.  The United Church Women are always ready to cater to your luncheon or banquet.



St. Andrew's, Grafton

The sanctuary has seating for up to 150 people and the basement can accommodate banquet seating for up to 100 people.  There is a modern kitchen, an elevator to both the sanctuary and basement levels, and handicapped washrooms.  Consider our facilities for your wedding, concerts, meetings, and banquets catered by our United Church Women.

    St. Andrew's is accessible.