Christian Community Outreach Project

Heavenly Helpings





In association with the Christian Community Outreach Project, the "Quazy Quilters"  provide tied quilts for sale in support of this project.  These handmade quilts are available for purchase at unbelievable prices at Heavenly Helpings.




St. Andrew's United, in cooperation with the two other area churches, has given the old Sunday School building in front of the church new life as a community thrift shop.  Aptly named Heavenly Helpings, they offer good quality used clothing at embarrassingly low prices.  Dedicated volunteers from the local churches staff the shop and sort and price clothes.  Not only is this a valuable community service, but it is mostly a self sustaining and "green" project.  Volunteers are always welcome to staff the shop and donations of good quality clothes during operational hours are appreciated.  Their hours of operation are Tuesdays 1-4 pm, Thursdays 7-8:30 pm, and Saturdays 10 am-12 pm.




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