Northumberland columnist shares stories and lessons

David Lander


Published stories in Northumberland News

Life lessons:
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Life Lessons in wild boar hunting
Life lessons from the plow
Recalling old days of hitchhiking
Pickpocket experience in Lisbon 
Did you ever run away from home?
A warm relationship with a wood stove
Northumberland minister reflects on Mary and the Christmas story 
Northumberland minister misses chance to call out abuse
Heroism, horror and hope at Montreal’s Holocaust Museum  (link)
Northumberland minister considers miracles 
Uncovering a rock of ages in Northumberland
Starbucks goes light, Tim Hortons goes dark, whatever is the world coming to?
Northumberland minister asks: "What's on your bucket list?" (link)
Northumberland minister prescribes laughter
Grafton minister considers alternative truths  
Northumberland minister talks about Trump’s unfiltered self  
Northumberland minister asks what makes us unique 
Slavery in Northumberland? 
Exploring Northumberland’s country roads (link)
Northumberland resilience in the 1700s (link)
Gordie Howe and David Bowie -- who are the important celebrities in life?  (link)
Northumberland minister ponders taboos  (link)
Grafton minister wonders who isn’t a refugee?  (link)
Grafton minister has a scare on Beagle Club Road (link)
Why punish Greece? (link)
Northumberland minister explores aging
Northumberland minister sees ’Fata Morgana’ (link)
Northumberland minister sheds light on a new way of thinking
Surviving the ‘man cold’ in Northumberland
Northumberland minister reflects on an honourable war
Northumberland minister considers kindness
A history of Northumberland road tolls (link)

Discovering light in the dark
A germination test for your life (link)
Bewitched lately? (link)
A year beginning in Northumberland or The Gate of the Year (link)
Trust -- a gift worth giving (link)
Taking a little heat can create character (link)
Saying goodbye
The beauty of cracks
A mother's wish (link)
Sometimes there’s a place for a few white lies (link)
Being thankful for the miracles surrounding us (link)
Helping others (link)
The greatest mystery of all (link)
Love in a canoe or Love ala Dr. Luck (link)
Be your own lightning rod (link)
Building a treehouse in Gore’s Landing (link)
Northumberland minister is skunked (link)
Northumberland minister considers kindness (link)

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