Washington City 7th Sept 1811

My Dear Margaret

I am still under the hands of my Physician Doctor Blake, but am able to attend to my business, Doctor Blake was attacked with the disorder raging(?) in this city on Tuesday last. I saw him yesterday he is very low. I hope the children and yourself are in good health. A letter from Mr. Harvey is just come to hand. It will be so near the session of Congress before that I get through with my business that I shall remain here until that time. I expect it will be for my interest to apply to congress personally for a renumeration for my services in the Michigan Territory.

In attending to the Detroit Patents has taken up the whole of my time so that I was obliged to drop my employment in the Secretary of States office and not receiving anything for my plans and Surveys renders me short of money for my expenses. The linen which I took from home is worn out except one shirt, my other clothes are very good. Yet I feel anxious for your situation how you will manage for your Winter supplies.

The wintering of the cows will be so expensive I think you had better make beef of one, the one you think will be most proper.

...............(missing line)

your vegetables you will engage for with any person and in any way you may think proper. As to fuel perhaps Mr. Moran may supply you as cheap as any person I hope that it will be in my power to pay him on my return, but as to engaging it from him you will use your own judgement. Your supply of hay, you had better look out for it early in the season. I have subscribed for a magazine which appears to be a very popular work and well conducted upon sound moral principles. I shall send it to you from time to time.

The United States and Great Britain appear to be just upon the eve of a war. I hope that God in his providence will avert the dreadful calamity for fear of miscarriage I enclose my letters to you in my letters to M. Abbott.

I know you will remember me to our little ones I long to see them once more. I pray God to preserve you and them from harm remember me to our friends if I have any for I receive no letters except those upon business and now and then a ?un. Adieu I shall write to you by next Saturday’s mail.

I remain as ever your affectionate husband,

Aaron Greeley

To Mrs. Margaret Greeley

Source: Ontario Archives, MS 522 Rogers Papers

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