List of officers in the First Regiment of Northumberland Militia according to seniority, 24th September 1814.

Lieutenant-Colonel John Peters

Major Elias Jones

Captains:   1.John Spencer.    2.Timothy Porter       3.Richard Hare    4.Robert C. Wilkins      5.Zacheus Burnham 6.Thomas Ward     7.John Vaughn    8.Roger Woolcut

Lieutenants: 1.Abraham Simmons    2.Elisha Jones    3.Bays M. Eddys    4.John Grover    5. Barnabas McKies    6.Joseph A. Keeler    7.John Richardson

Ensigns: 1.Adam H. Meyers    2.John Burnham    3.Thomas M. Spalding    4.John Kelly    5.John Peters    6.Henry Ruttan     7.Samuel Brock    8.Joseph Losie

Quarter-master 1. Benjamin Ewing

Captain Vaughn, Lieutenant Keeler, Ensign Ruttan -- In militia general orders 15th February 1813, not commissioned.

Captain Woolcut, Lieutenant Richardson, Ensign Brock, Ensign Losie -- Recommended 24th June, 1813 for His Honour the Presidentís approbation not in orders or commissioned.

    I now beg leave to recommend Ensign Adam H. Meyers to be Lieutenant in place of Lieutenant James Norris who has left the Province and M. Samuel S. McKenney (?) to be Ensign and Adjutant; hope this will meet His Honour the President's approbation and beg they may all soon be commissioned that I put them on duty according to their respective ranks.

    I have the honour to be sir your most obedient humble servant. M. Peters Lieutenant-Colonel commanding 1st Regiment Northumberland militia.

To Lieutenant-Colonel Nathaniel Coffin Deputy Adjutant General of Militia

Return of the 1st Regiment of Northumberland militia 24th September 1814.

Source: National Archives microfilm # R.G. 1B7 Vol. 15 (#250)

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