To Thomas Ridout  

M. Wilkins, Carrying Place Cramahe, 25th, October, 1807

Dear Sir,

When M. Ward went to York some time ago I requested of him to enquire into M. Cearley’s business, he told me the answer to his petition was that he had received his compliment of land. M. Abraham Cearley is now dead, and the widow is a going to York now to try if she can get the lot, and a certificate attested to before a magistrate before her husband died, that he never received any land or order for land except the land on the Carrying Place, and a lot of land in the Township of Cramahe she said before he died that if Samuel Mallery was entered before the commissions for any land in his name it must be a mistake as he never knew man in his life.

Dear Sir, if you find it impossible for Mrs Cearley to obtain the lot, I should take it as a particular favour if the lot is laid open for location to apply for it for me, as I have been advancing to the support of that family and have paid them all most the amount of the lot. I should be very willing to make Mrs. Cearley every restitution for what improvement she has made on the land. I fancy she will not object to it if she finds she cannot get the land herself to relinquish in my favour, by having the improvement valued by judges. I am very anxious about it as I want to settle on the lot, you will be good enough to advance the money in your hands for the deed if granted.

Please to present my compliments to M. Ridout and family,

I remain sir your most obedient and humble servant,

Robert Wilkins

P.S. If any difficulty should arise please write me direct to the care of E. Smith Esquire, Hope if is necessary for me to come up as I fear I shall be a great loose (?)


Source: National Archives microfilm # R.G. 1 A-1-6 Vol. 4 #8 1807 

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