Haldimand 3 May 1816


I have the honour to enclose you returns of Locations made by me on crown reserves Certified by you not to be leased, there locations have been made agreeable to my

Restrictions and I am directed on all occasions to have the side lines run. I am therefore very anxious to know whether you will order the survey of Thurlow and as it is impossible for people to find their lots unless the posts are put up and sidelines run. I have required of M Ryder to have the lots in Thurlow surveyed as long ago on the 3rd of April but was to find on the 27th that he was still at the carrying place. I have no doubt but his Excellency will authorize the Survey as it is impossible for to get the settlers fixed ? unless the line is surveyed, should this survey not be approved please send word as soon as possible

I have the honour to the


Your very obedient and humble servant,

D.M. Rogers

Deputy Superintendent Locations U.C.

Source: National Archives microfilm # R.G. 1 A-1-6 Vol. 5 #6 1816 (April-July)

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