Return to Arms Accoutrements and Ammunition in the first Regiment of Northumberland Militia 24th, March 1813


English Muskets fit for service 67

English Muskets unfit for service 25

Cartridges fit for use 60

Cartridges unfit for use 78

Cartridge boxes 92

Bayonets 92

Flints ---

Some part of the ammunition was by wet spoiled--coming from Kingston last summer, some has been lost, and I ordered a 100 Rounds used at the funeral of the late Capt. Asa Burnham of one the Flank Comp.

Mr. Peters Lieut.-Col.

Command of the 1st Regiment Northumberland Militia

Statement of Arms Accoutrement and Ammunition in the last Regiment of Northumberland Militia 24th, March 1813.

M. Peters.

Source: National Archives RG 9C1-B-1 Northumberland 1813

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