Smiths Creek 1817

Choats Inn March 15th


I take the liberty of informing you that I have had the misfortune to miss Major Wilmont somewhere for another upon the road and I believe that he had returned home I am now at so great a distance from his residents and as I have some business to transact at Smiths Creek in respect of some town lots and finding a place for store house that I thought it best to acquaint you with the circumstance by a gentleman who fortunately is passing up to York and if possible by your means to induce Major Wilmont to call upon me either here or at the Widow Harris’s on Rice Lake unless highly inconvenient to that gentleman in which case I should be glad to be informed by letter addressed to Choat’s Inn. Being ignorant where the boundary lines of the new township runs and terminates I shall be at a lose without his assistance, in other respects perhaps I might do very well.

Intreating your pardon for the trouble I occasion and requesting your aid-excuse the hast to with which I am obliged to scribe these lines.

I am with great respect your most obedient servant.

Charles Fothergill

Source: National Archives microfilm # R.G. 1 A-1-6 Vol. 5 #8 1817 (January-June)

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