Rations July 27th 1814

Lieutenant Col. Peters


       I have to report to you that I received orders from you on Sunday morning the 17th instance, to be at the Carrying Place the same day at four o'clock in the afternoon with a detachment of Militia, to take bateaux to Kingston.  I called upon Major Rogers for rations for the men; he said that he could not give any till the next day; I told him that my order was to be at the Carrying Place that day and I could not wait till the next day for my rations, he said that he did not care a damn for me nor any orders, that he was getting provisions for a detachment of troops on their march to York; and if I could wait till the next day that I might have rations if there was any left after the troops were provided for; the men said they were willing to proceed if they received their rations; which I furnished them with myself rather that wait till the next day and perhaps not get any and I had to proceed to the Carrying Place without rations for my men except what I furnished them with myself.

And I have further to report that M. Wilkins at the Carrying Place refused to give the men rations of spirits, but I am informed that my men were as much entitled to their spirits as they were to their provisions, I beg that you will have the goodness to take notice of this report.

I have the hour to be Sir, your obedient servant

Elisha Jones, Lieutenant Northumberland Militia

Hamilton, 27th July 1814

Source: National Archives RG 9C1-B-1 Northumberland 1814

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