Kingston 13th Jan, 1814

Dear Major

Lieut. Grover having called on me this morning with the quarterly returns of the Northumberland Militia he presented to me the very disorderly and disobedient conduct of some men of his Detachment on their route here with the prisoners founded on an idea that they could not be punished as they had not been called out by the officer commanding the Regiment and that no court martial could legally be assembled under any other authority. I have directed M. Grover to report to you these circumstances that you may be enabled to lay them before the commanding officer of the regiment so that due legal proceeding may be had against them. Indeed all orders to call out any portion of the militia should be addressed to him in the first instance.

I am Yours very truly

13th January, 1814, A. Aenus Shaw (Entered page 145)

To Major Rogers dear Major, Northumberland Militia

On Service

The Honourable Aeneas Shaw, Adjutant General of Militia

Source: National Archives RG 9C1-B-1 Northumberland 1814

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