Haldimand 5th January 1816



I had the honour to receive your favour of the third instant by post since I wrote you I have seen M. Rider he is surveying the canal reserve which he says will take at least one month to complete, I observe by your instructions to him he is to be allowed 1/3 for Ration M. Rider has stated to me that he could not feed his party with provisions at the rate allowed by you and that unless rations are found him he must quit the service.

I am perfectly of his opinion that at the price you state the ration as he cannot be expected to furnish his party especially as the allowance for himself and party is to cover all expenses, under this impression I have directed the issue of Eorvee? rations to him and his party from the store at the Carrying place which will be continued until I get further orders.

I am anxious to get a list of the reserves and Camden and Richmond as there are a number of men who listed? from that part of the district who wish to get their lands there. I am glad to hear that some townships are to be laid out back of Clark Darlington to pray is there not some lands back of the township of Hope to be surveyed.


I have directed the issue of a few blankets to McKivers party to be accounted for by him is no allowance to be made to a surveyor for axes, blankets, camp-kettles, etc? If you should be of my opinion that it would be proper to have the Dy? surveyors furnished with provisions axes, blankets, tents or any of those articles please let me know, I am the last person in the Province to wish to put the public to an unnecessary expense but I cannot expect that men will work for nothing ; nor has the public a right to expect it of M. Rider had hired good axemen in this place he could not have got them to go to the woods and live as the surveying party must under 5/? per day and good provisions he has bought with him a party of very active Canadians. I am in hopes he will be able to give me a sketch of the land to be surveyed before I go down. I shall not leave this before the return of Post any further information you can give me respecting the lands to be surveyed or located will be thankfully received.

I have the honour to be,


Your very obedient servant,

D.M. Rogers

Deputy Superintendent of Locations

Source: National Archives microfilm # R.G. 1 A-1-6

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