Surveyor General                    Haldimand 24th Dec. 1815


I received yours of two dates and have the pleasure to inform you that after almost four months since General Robinson told me that he had ordered the Canal Reserve to be surveyed M. Rider began to survey this week and by a letter from Capt. Bullock he says it will take him about a month to complete it. I have received an order to repair to Quebec and to bring with me a list of the lands at the disposal of the crown or lands not located that lie about the Bay of Quinte with orders to point out where a settlement could be made near the River Trent. Will you please inform me what lands are to be given to settlers in the townships of Camden or Richmond in what situation are the lands in the Township of Seymour are any lands at the disposal of the Crown back of this district will you inform what reserves are to be given away in the Townships of Haldimand, Hamilton, Hope, Darlington, Whitby you say you will send me if you get authority. By an order of Council I received from M. Small? I find I cannot locate any settlers not with standing I have your certificate that the land is not leased or vacant of course none can be located without the sanction of the Lt. Gov. As in other cases.

Please send me a reply and as soon as possibly I expect to set off for Quebec on Friday the 12th Jan. Next if you have any commands they will be cheerfully attended to.

I have the honour

to be Sir your very

obedient and humble servant

DMG Rogers

Department of Surveys of location U.C.

 Source: National Archives microfilm # R.G. 1 A-1-6 Vol. 5 #4 1815 

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