American Blunders In The War of 1812

Throughout the war of 1812 there were many ups and downs, but there seemed to be a few more downs for the Americans and their war strategies. This war proved just how bad things can possible go wrong during a time war, from letting spy see everything you have on your side, forgetting axes when capturing a bridge, it was all done in this war. Hull Proclamation stated that any Canadian wanting to trade sides would be accepted, and would not be injured, nor taken prisoner. Following in the proclamation Hull stated, "No white man found fighting by the side of an Indian will be taken prisoner." Now since all he Canadians were fighting with Natives, that means any Canadian trading sides would be taken prisoner. There were many Canadians that would have changed sides but do to the proclamation, few Canadians every considered changing sides. Edward Baynes was sent by the British to send truce notes to Com. Dearborn (an American). His whole way down to meet with Dearborn he spied on all the American Forts he stopped at, all of the men the Americans had in their army, and what they were capable of doing. So all the down and all the way back up to Canada, Baynes spied on the Americans, never once being questioned about the truce notes and always being allowed to walk around the forts, and never once being stopped for it. When the Americans attacked Queenstown Heights, they rowed across in boats and then attacked. Unfortunately due to their lack of knowledge they failed realize that someone needs to row the boat back over to get more men, so the American rowed over attacked, didn't row the boats back and their was all these other men on the American side waiting to have the boats rowed back across so they get can over and help capture Queenstown Heights. One time the American went to capture a bridge ended up capturing it, but forgot to bring axes to chop the bridge down. By the time they got back with the axes the British/Canadians came back and recaptured the bridge. One night Com. Dearborn sent two columns out during the night to attack lower Canada. The two columns are walking through the woods at night and come across each other and end up attacking each other. They thought that went they ran into each that they were British/Canadians, they ended up killing 20 of themselves before realizing that they were on the same side. Americans at one fort, set up their latrines right beside a graveyard which was also on the shore of the lake where they get their drinking water from causing many to get sick. One American fought the battle of Chrysler Farm stoned on opium causing him to have chronic diarrhea When the Americans had to defend Washington for fear of invasion, they called out 6000 militia men to defend, only 250 showed up, so they called more from Pennsylvania, none showed up. After all the men were called out they should of had 15,000 men there to defend, they only had 3,000, so strong support for their own capital city. Once they were there, the Americans had no flints for their guns.