The Cobourg Museum Project

      The Cobourg Museum Foundation coordinates and manages the restoration of
the Barracks building and the establishment of a local museum. This group has
inspired and sponsored the research featured on this web site. New members,
donations, and volunteers are both needed and welcome.


____ Individual memberships ($15)

____ Family membership ($25)

____ Founding membership ($100)

 ____ Life membership ($500)

  ____ Corporate membership ($1,000)

      Cheques should be made out to the Cobourg Museum Foundation. Charitable
receipts will be issued. Donations and memberships can be mailed to:

                                            Cobourg Museum Foundation
                                                   c/o Victoria Hall
                                                   55 King Street West
                                                     Cobourg, Ontario
                                                          K9A 2M2

For additional information contact Chris Robins at

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