Mr. Thomas Ward C.P.

30 August 1811, Cramahe and Haldimand

Thomas Ridout Esquire

Surveyor General, York


I am directed by the Magistrate in question? sessions assembled in July of last to request you to inform them whether the allowance for roads in the Townships of Cramahe and Haldimand are upon the south or north side of the Concession line. An application was made to the said Magistrate to order a road to be opened on the North side of the concession line in Haldimand between the first concession and broken parts; which was opposed on the supposition that the road left by the surveyors was on the south hills of the line. It will appear by Mr. Burnhamís certificate herein inclosed that they began to survey the Base line directly in the rear of the broken parts then they put down posts that were one chain to the left in the first concession and post down other posts at the corner of the lots. Some persons have built on the North side of the road others have built up to the concession line on the South side of the road and contend that the road in left on the south side of the line. Mr. Burnham says that by referring to the original surveys of there townships you will find that the road was left by the surveyor in the North side of the concession line, the posts and boards of them rotted down is the cause of this confusion.

I wish you to favour me with a note in time to lay it before the Magistrate next session.

I have the honour to be Sir, your most obedient humble Servant.

(signature) Clerk of the Peace, Districts of Newcastle.

Thomas Ridout, Esq

Surveyor General

Source: National Archives microfilm # R.G. 1 A-1-6 Vol. 4 #13 1811 (July-December)

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