Accounting for Missing Weapons, 1815

Haldimand 27th April 1815


     Inclosed I send you a statement of the Arms, Accoutrements, and Ammunition, from the first Regiment of Northumberland Militia, which I have had some trouble to collect, and no Government Boat to be had, a M. Farman undertook with his boat for the service; Ensign Kelly of the Northumberland Militia has charge of the boat and party consisting of a sergeant and six men, they have received no rations, hope they will be allowed for the same if you will have the goodness to direct Ensign Kelly how to obtain it.     There was fifty stands of Arms received by Major Jones, Twenty Eight of which he says by directions he sent to Smiths Creek for the Durham Militia.  Twenty stands of the Northumberland Militia was taken by the enemy from my house, five stands were carried away by deserters from the Regiment, and one burst by a man on duty.  I think I shall be able to collect some more shortly; but did not receive the general order from you for Returning Arms, until the 22nd Instant.

     There is several people returned from the states since peace took place, who left this Militia during the War, some had not taken the oath of Allegiance, but left their property.  I hope you will have the goodness to direct me how to proceed with these people.

I have the honour to be Sir, your most obedient humble servant Mo. Peters Lieutenant Colonel, 1st Regiment of Northumberland Militia

P.S.  The Arms for or from two companies of Northumberland Militia, are not returned agreeable to my orders the number I cannot ascertain with the regiment from those companies, but to be about Twenty Stands.

27th April 1815 Subject:  Relative to arms also to men returning who had left the country during the War.

Peters. To:  Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel Coffin Adjutant General of Militia

Source: National Archives RG 9C1-B-1 Northumberland 1815

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