19th Century Census for Northumberland County, Ontario

 Searching for an ancestor? Besides these records, you should also examine the Hamilton township census and assessment records with the pay lists and correspondence of the Northumberland militia. Plus, you should examine the other records of local history in the index.

Presently, the census project consists of selected years for Hamilton and Haldimand townships. Additional years and townships will be added over time. This project must acknowledge its debt to the Cobourg Library Staff and Percy Climo. Percy spent countless hours interpreting the handwriting in the census and making a more legible copy. Like any material on this site, you may use it and copy it for personal or educational use. Use for profit is forbidden.

We are lucky to have a new addition to this project, Dave Hargreave. Dave has very kindly interpreted, typed and prepared the census and assessment records for Haldimand township. He has also agreed to be a contact for these records. He can be reached at Dave Hargreave <david.hargreave@wmich.edu> . If you do contact Dave, thank him profusely as the Haldimand records are the worst I've ever seen for illegibility and damage...

Note, the spelling of names vary from census to census (of the same person). If you are looking for a particular surname please look under several different possibilities (e.g. my own ancestors were spelled Robbins, Robyns, and Robins). We will try to go with the most consistent spelling. Finally, the census is tied to land. A person will appear each time they own land so some individuals have multiple entries (especially in the 1848 census) under land but they will show up under the age categories only once. While Dave is the better contact, you may also reach me at christopher_robins@kprdsb.ca.

Source for all census and assessment records: Ontario Archives Microfilm MS16 Reels 4,5,6. Available at Cobourg Library

1803 Census

1804 Census

1805 Census

1806 Census

1807 Census

1808 Census

1808 Assessment

1809 Census

1809 Assessment

1810 Census

1810 Assessment

1811 Assessment

1812 Census

1812 Assessment

1813 Census

1813 Assessment 1814 Census 1814 Assessment 1815 Census 1815 Assessment

1816 Census

1816 Assessment

1817 Census

1817 Assessment

1818 Census

1818 Assessment 1819 Census 1819 Assessment 1820 Census 1820 Assessment

1821 Census

1821 Assessment

1822 Census

1822 Assessment

1823 Census

1823 Assessment

1824 Census

1824 Assessment

1825 Census

1825 Assessment

1826 Census & Assessment 1827 Census & Assessment      

Note: I have not bothered linking each record to the next and previous record yet as more records need to be added within this list. Presently use the "back" button to return to this page after viewing each record.
Haldimand Township List of Names 1803-1825

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