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Site Marketing

Why are search engines so IMPORTANT? Recent studies indicate that 8 out of 10 Web surfers use search engines or directories to find sites. Use the following links to submit and monitor your URL (http://your web site address) on the various search engines.

How do search engines work? Search engines scan copies of the pages they find on the web. These are stored in an index, a database of web pages. When people search, search engine software selects content from database to match what they are looking for.

How do search engines rank pages? They typically look to see if the search words appear in the title, meta tags and beginning of documents they have indexed. Repetition of terms is another factor, and there are a wide number of other things involved in the mix.

Ensure that your pages haven't been dropped from the index -- which can happen naturally. Check on things once a month, and if pages are missing, then resubmit. Web site owners can also submit more than one page of their site with some directories. Others may still crawl your site and find pages to list, even if you only submit one.

The following links are to a few major search engines for easy reference while indexing and marketing your website. This is an ongoing process in order to maintain your listings and market your website on the internet. Many other directories available but a good place to start. BOOKMARK THIS PAGE

Right mouse click on each search engine icon below & select "open in new window" then return to this page for reference after submitting your information.

Lycos AltaVista HotBot Netscape Netcenter
Yahoo AOL Net Find Magellan Internet Guide Microsoft
Exite Retail Canada WhoWhere? Gallaxy
Yahoo Canadian
Webcrawler Infoseek Northern Light
Comfind Snap Direct Hit Fast
New icons added & adjusted as time permits, please let us know if you find any links outdated.

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